1 Voice Bluetooth Headband - Review

Listen Safely While Walking or Running

1 Voice Bluetooth Headband
1 Voice Bluetooth Headband. 1voicenyc.com

Enjoy your tunes and take calls while walking with this clever 1 Voice Headband with wireless Bluetooth earbuds. The headband is made with silky soft microfiber cloth that wicks away sweat. The earbuds dangle from it on either side, so you can place them comfortably in your ears. Now you can listening to music and take calls with the built-in microphone, with 5-6 hours of use on a charge.

1 Voice Headband Features

  • Charges with USB charger plugged into the back of one earbud. A full charge takes 1.5 to 2 hours and gives you 5-6 hours of playback time.
  • Silicone ear buds with a wing to dial into your ear for secure fit.
  • Pairs with your mobile phone or Bluetooth music player, with a range of 30 feet. Leave your phone or MP3 player safely on the sidelines at the gym while enjoying your tunes and taking calls.
  • Control your audio volume and tracks from the function controller.
  • Answer, reject and redial calls from the function controller.
  • Slip-proof performance fabric headband wicks away sweat.
  • Headband is machine-washable after removing the earbuds.

Why Do You Want a Headband?

A headband has many advantages, especially if you usually wear a headband anyway to keep your hair in place.

  • Bluetooth earbuds are heavy and more prone to pop out of your ears as you are walking, running and exercising. With the headband design they get less jostling.
  • You don't have a stray cord behind your neck that isn't turning when you turn your head. That helps keep the earbuds in place and is less annoying, especially when doing crunches and mat work at the gym.
  • No knotted wires! Each earbud is on its own short cord, so they aren't going to get tangled and take extra time to sort out when you want to put them on.
  • If you wear a hat, you can wear the headband over the hat to keep it in place, especially on windy days.
  • I've been wearing a Runphones headband, which has headphone speakers inside the headband. I really enjoy that design for cooler weather, but my ears get too sweaty with it in warmer weather. With the 1 Voice Headband you have a choice as to whether you wear the band over your ear or not.

    Noise Isolation - Friend and Foe

    The 1 Voice Headband gives passive noise isolation rather than active noise-cancellation. That's a plus when you want to hear just your music or calls. I was very pleased with the sound quality from the 1 Voice Headband.

    But any reduction in the ambient sounds can be a safety problem when walking outside. You may want to remove one earbud when walking outdoors if you find you aren't hearing things you need to be hearing.  Check to be sure earphones are allowed if you enter a race or organized walking event, as most events urge not wearing them and some forbid their use.
    More: Walking Safety Rules of the Road

    Bottom Line on the 1 Voice Headband

    I like the convenience of the headband. I can keep my mobile phone secure in my pocket or pack and control music and take calls with the function controller. It's great to not have to deal with tangled cords every time I want to put on my earbuds. I am getting used to larger and heavier earbuds required for Bluetooth, although I still have them fall out of my ears more often or start feeling uncomfortable on long walks. The headband is very compact to take along compared to any headphones.

    For winter, you may want to switch to their 1 Voice Beanie, which has headphone speakers incorporated into the beanie rather than using earbuds.

    See them at 1VoiceNYC.com

    Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer.