10 Pieces of Workout Jewelry That Add Bling to Your Fitness Routine

Treat Yo'Self to Fitness Jewelry

It wasn't that long ago that coaches and fitness experts would remind their clients to remove all their jewelry before hitting the gym. Oh, how times have changed. Today's fitness environment isn't just about dumbbells and sweatpants—it's a lifestyle fueled by trendy workouts, "athleisure" attire, and workout jewelry. 

Yes, workout jewelry. 

Avid exercise buffs can bling out their fitness routines with bangles, earrings, and shoe charms all designed to cleave their wearers to their chosen sport while offering an extra dose of inspiration. Take a tour on Etsy to check out the many, many fitness jewelry options available, or just take a peek at this list of 10 excellent choices, if you're so inclined. 

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To Stay Inspired

Momentum Motivate Wrap

Product: Momentum Motivate Wraps

Momentum's Motivate Wraps feature charms with inspirational or customizable sayings displayed on a comfortable fabric wrap you can twist around your wrist for the perfect fit.

Because the wraps are washable, you don't have to worry about damaging them during your workouts, and at less than $20 a pop, they make excellent gifts. Pick from sayings like, "Earned Not Given" and "Stay Strong," or for $7 extra, request your own custom quote.

To Pull Back Your Hair

Bloom Black Ties Hair Ties

Product: Bloom Black Ties

Many active women (and some active guys), keep a hair tie around a wrist at all times to ensure they're ready for a quick workout if the opportunity arises. Let's be honest, though—basic elastic hair ties are ugly. If you're going to wear something around your wrist, it should at least look attractive. 

That's where Bloom Black Ties come in. These hair elastics double as bracelets, making them appropriate for a workplace accessory or a workout necessity. 

To Bling Out Your Fitbit

Carolyn Pollack Fitbit Charms
Carolyn Pollack

Product: Carolyn Pollack Fitbit Charms

Fitbits, while popular, certainly aren't the most fashionable fitness wearable on the market. But if tracking your steps keeps you motivated to stay active, there's a way to have your cake and eat it, too. The Carolyn Pollack Fitbit Charms made for the Fitbit Flex feature a sterling silver "cuff" outfitted with gemstones you can slip over your basic Fitbit to turn it into a legitimate-looking piece of jewelry. 

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To Add Weight to Your Workday

SkinnyMe Bangles

Product: SkinnyMe Bangles

The SkinnyMe Bangles stand out as being a little different from the other items on this list. While some workout jewelry is intended to motivate its wearer, and other jewelry is designed to enhance a workout, the SkinnyMe Bangles are actually intended to function as part of a workout. 

The bangles come in sets of two—one to be worn on each arm—and weigh in at a whopping half pound each. This may not sound like much, but if you wear them all day, that extra half pound per arm starts to feel pretty taxing. I wouldn't suggest ditching your normal workout routine in favor of the "bangle workout," but if you subscribe to the sentiment that every little bit counts, these work-appropriate wrist weights might help you get the extra biceps definition you've been craving. 

To Brighten Your Run

LightGUIDE LED Slapn'Go Safety Light Band

Product: LightGUIDE LED Slapn'Go Safety Light Band

Okay, so the LightGUIDE LED Slapn'Go wristband may not be the most stylish piece of jewelry on this list, but if any of you remember the slap bracelets from the '80s, you're probably geeking out right now. 

This updated version of the classic slap bracelet features high visibility LED lights embedded inside the band, as well as reflective webbing for enhanced visibility at night. Select between the "glow" or "flash" modes to make your after-dark workouts safer. 

To Amp Your Gym Wardrobe To Amp Your Gym Wardrobe: To Tone Up Your Gym Wardrobe

Double Scoop Dumbbell Studs
Creative Gallina & Co.

Product: Creative Gallina & Co. "Double Scoop" Dumbbell Couture Earrings

What could possibly prove you love strength training more than a pair of dumbbell earrings? The one-inch, hand made "Double Scoop" Dumbbell Couture Earrings from Creative Gallina & Co. are designed to be worn vertically, hanging down from your ear for a look that's a little more eye-catching than a standard stud. As long as you're not doing exercises that require you to push your ear against a mat or machine, which could cause the earring's post to stick your skin, they're completely safe to wear during exercise. 

To Look Cool in the Water

SUP Mala Stack
Blooming Lotus

Product: Blooming Lotus SUP Stack

Mala beads are strands of beads used most commonly in yoga as a focal point for meditation. With the growing popularity of water-based yoga practices like SUP yoga, Blooming Lotus decided to create the SUP Stack—a completely water-friendly stack of glass mala beads you can customize by selecting your preferred cord and bead colors. You can even choose your own mantra to have hand-stamped on a stainless steel charm. 

To Push Through the Next Mile

StrutYourCharm Shoe Tags

Product: StrutYourCharm Running Shoe Tags

Let's be honest: running is hard.

Whether you're training for a race of you're just attempting to make it around the block without stopping, you know it takes serious mental strength to keep putting one foot in front of the other, which is exactly why StrutYourCharm's Running Shoe Tags are so great. Simply slip motivational tags onto your shoelaces before stringing your laces through your shoes, and every time you look down at your feet you'll have an inspirational mantra staring back up at you. Plus, they look cool. 

To Keep Your Priorities Close to Your Heart

Fashletics Progress Not Perfection Necklace

Product: Fashletics Necklaces

You don't have to break a sweat to rep what you believe in. Fashletics provides pretty much all the workout jewelry you could ever possibly want, but their necklaces are particularly fun. Many of them feature weight plates, kettlebells, barbells and dumbbells along with motivational mantras. There's no reason not to wear them to the gym, and they're certainly cute enough to wear out and about as well. 

To Show Off Your Relationship Status

Qalo Silicone Wedding Ring

Product: Qalo Silicone Rings

Rings are probably the worst kind of jewelry you can wear while working out. For one, because you have to use your hands while lifting, passing, pushing, and gripping, you're more likely to pinch your skin or get a ring caught on something,  which could lead to injury. Not to mention, many rings—namely, wedding and engagement rings—are expensive. If you knock them against equipment, you could risk damaging your investment. 

However, if you're loathe to head to the gym without evidence of your happy relationship, consider replacing your primary ring during gym sessions with a comfortable Qalo silicone ring instead. They're a whole heck of a lot cheaper than your standard gold or platinum band, and they're a whole lot safer during lifting sessions, too. 

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