10 Active Ideas for the 100th Day of School

Collections are cool, but these activities add active play (and learning).

Is your child excited about the 100th day of school? Many elementary schools observe this date as a way to celebrate a love of learning and the progress everyone has made since school first started (not to mention a lot of counting and other math concepts). Kids often create and share collections of 100 items as part of the celebration. But why not also add some of these games that incorporate physical activity? Ask your child's teacher or principal if you could lead a few of them on Day 100. Many schools have activity stations as part of their celebration.

100 Exercises

kids in gym jumping jacks
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Brainstorm a list of at least 10 different ways to exercise, such as  doing jumping jacks, sit-ups, squats, or push-ups; bouncing a ball; hopping on one foot; or jumping rope. Lead a group of kids in doing 10 of all 10 exercises.

100 Seconds to Win It

Play Minute-to-Win-It-style games, but set the timer for 100 seconds instead. The game show games are fun and goofy,  but you can also do simpler challenges, such as tossing beanbags in a bucket (how many can a child throw in 100 seconds) or carrying cotton balls on a spoon (how far can a kid travel in 100 seconds, or how many cotton balls can she ferry from one box to another?).

100-Point Hopscotch

Create a hopscotch grid that uses multiples of 10 instead of the numbers 1 to 10. (Use painter's tape to mark off the boxes if you need to play inside).

100-Point Ball Toss

Create a target with concentric circles (similar to an archery target) on the wall or floor. Labels the circles with point totals in multiples of 5 or 10. Have kids toss balls or beanbags at the target and try to accumulate 100 points.

100-Yard Dash

Measure out 100 yards and have kids try running the distance while timing each other. Or, challenge them to do 100 laps around the gym (walking or running), school building, or playground. If you're pressed for time, do this relay style, so kids can work together to get those 100 laps in.

100-Mile Walk

Kick off a 100-mile walk by the school community. Measure out a half- or quarter-mile loop on school grounds and have kids walk it during recess or other free time. Create a tally sheet so they can track their progress. How long will it take for the whole school to reach 100 miles? How about each classroom?

100 Dance Moves

Everybody dance now! As with the 100 Exercises activity, come up with a list of at least 10 dance moves (from the grapevine to the Dougie) and do each one 10 times for 100 hilarious dance performances.

100-Item Scavenger Hunt

Scatter 100 small, inexpensive items, such as pennies or plastic Easter eggs, in as big an area as you can access (so kids will have to move more). Have them work together to collect all 100 and return them to a central counting station. For a large group, use multiples of 100: 100 green eggs, 100 blue eggs, 100 yellow eggs, and so on, so kids can sort and count them as they're found.

Alternatively, consider a neighborhood scavenger hunt where kids must check off 100 items, such as a blue car, a bird's nest, a stop sign, and so on. Have adult chaperones supervise small groups as they walk and search.

100-Cup Tower

Challenge kids to build a tower (or any structure they want!) using 100 sturdy plastic cups. Have them work together in pairs or small groups.

100th Day StoryWalk

Start this project in advance and unveil it on the 100th Day. Have you ever seen a StoryWalk®? It allows you to read a story while walking, with pages from the book attached to stakes planted along a path. Create one using a 100th Day of School-themed book. This would be a great way for upper-grade kids to get involved in the celebrations. They could select the book, fundraise for the materials, determine a route, put together the display, and then present to their school community.

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