Baby Present Ideas Based on the 12 Days of Christmas

The 12 Days of Christmas: Baby-Style

the 12 Days of Christmas
Enjoy our version of the 12 Days of Christmas, baby-style. Lonnie Bradley

I know you know the traditional lyrics to the 12 Days of Christmas. Perhaps the mere mention of the carol has you humming it right now. While these gifts aren't exactly practical to give these days (what exactly would one do with 10 lords a-leaping anyway)? The tune can offer us some fabulous ideas for gifts for our babies.

One of my favorite places to "window" shop is Etsy. Etsy designers offer wonderful hand-made gifts that are certainly special and not something you'd find in the toy aisle at your local department store. The selection is always changing, always some new treasure to find.

So thanks to the many designers there, I've pulled 12 unique baby gifts and offer you this twist on "The 12 Days of Christmas", written with a good bit of poetic license. Enjoy!

Baby Pictures With Your Little Pear

Baby Pictures
Get great baby pictures with this adorable cocoon set. Etsy designer: mymarketstall

On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me - a partridge in a pear tree. Let's tweak this verse to On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me - baby pictures with my sweet pear.

Baby cocoons have become more and more popular to feature in newborn photos, and from this wonderul hand-knit example I can see why. Soft, comfortable, and just plain sweet, the fruit of your loin will look precious dressed in this pear set. I can definitely see it featured on a family holiday photo card.

Dove-Themed Corduroy Dress for Your Baby Girl

corduroy dress
Sweet corduroy dress with dove detailing. Etsy: francoiselamasolet

This sweet corduroy dress will have us altering the traditional lyrics from On the second day of Christmas my true love sent to me - Two turtledoves to "a dove twirl dress".

This 100% cotton, machine-washable (bonus!) dress would look divine on your little dove - not only for the holidays but throughout the fall and winter. Designer Francoise creates her dresses available in both standard and custom sizes. I also appreciate that the bodice is fully lined and the straps have button closures at the back. You're sure to get the perfect fit.

Great Stuffed Animal for Baby: Chicken Named Bock Bock

toy hen
This stuffed toy hen is perfect for your baby. Etsy designer: ecoleeko

I'll pass on the three french hens and reach for three of these soft, organic stuffed toys for my baby. Chicken comes with the name "Bock Bock" and is the perfect size for little hands.

Parents who love natural toys will be comfortable putting Bock Bock in the hands of their baby. Made from bamboo fleece, organic cotton sherpa and organic cotton corduroy, she is filled with fluffy kapok fiber and ground walnut shells for beanbag weight in the legs.

Adorable Nursery Wall Decals

Nursery wall decals
Nursery wall decals liven up any baby's room. Etsy Designer: Smileywalls Art Studio

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me - four calling birds.... Believe it or not, I won't even adapt the lyrics this time. It's a perfect fit for one of the many nursery wall decals available at Smileywalls Art Studio.

This particular design comes in a decal package that includes the tree, leaves, flowers, and 4 cute "calling birds". You can pick and choose your colors and size can be customized as well. Because of the adaptable gender-neutral nature, it will be perfect for practically any room- girl or boy.

Beautiful Teething Rings Made From Wood

Teething rings
Teething rings can be made from natural products. Etsy Designer: TimeDesigns

These eco-friendly teething rings are the perfect gift for mom and baby. So they may not be five golden rings, they are a beautiful piece of jewelry that has style and function.

Nursing necklaces have certainly become more an more common in recent years. Especially, for older babies who can become distracted as they breastfeed, the teething ring/necklace offers a place of focus. When not used as a nursing necklace, it can be removed and makes a perfectly safe teething toy.

Cozy Goose Down Blanket for Your Baby

goose down blanket
Berry Baby goose down blanket available in hypoallergenic fibers as well. Berry Baby

What would someone really do with six geese a-laying these days anyway? Better inspiration might be a goose down blanket, like this one by Etsy designer Berry Baby. This 26" X 26" blanket is absolutely warm and cozy.

This is the perfect size blanket to toss over your baby when going from a stroll outside or an asset to be used over the straps of your baby's car seat harness. Did you know that traditional infant winter coats and snowsuits can interfere with how well your baby is restrained in an accident? This blanket keeps your baby's harness performing as it should, and your baby will certainly be cozy under the comforting warmth of this goose down blanket.

Swan Pull Toy Great for Babies

pull toy
Pull toy made from 3/4" pine. BB Crafts

Seven swams a-swimming, are really quite lovely, but I think your little one will get much more out of these dear wooden swan pull toy. Truthfully, the pull toy is one of my favorite gifts for babies as young as 6 months old.

While they may not be overly mobile at this age, they'll love to sit and push the toy around or watch you intentedly as you scootch it on by them. The simplicity of this toy also has a great appeal. Made from pine and available in custom colors, it's a classic toy that will be a long-time favorite as your baby grows into toddlerhood.

Soothing Organic Baby Milk Bath

milk bath
Soothe your baby with a milk bath. Etsy seller: The Spoiled Mama Products

I never thought that eight maids a-milking sounded like a very interesting present, so for your baby why not go with this delightful baby milk bath made from organic ingredients. From The Spoiled Mama Products the mixture arrives in a 16 oz container with a muslin bag. Simply fill the bag with the desired amount and allow the ingredients to produce a soothing tub for your baby to soak in.

Warm baths are a practical way to soothe fussy babies and the ingredients in this diaper rash can also treat skin problems such as eczema, diaper rash, or dry skin.

Get Your Lady Dancing in this Sweet Baby Tutu

baby tutus
Sweetie pie tutus makes baby tutus and children's size tutus. Etsy Designer: sweetiepietutus

Who wouldn't feel like dancing like one of those 9 ladies in a filly baby tutu like this one. Though many children's tutus are labeled as "one size fits all" that really doesn't mean newborn sized. However, Sweetie Pie Tutus has designed their Teeny Tiny Tutu with even the smallest of babies in mind.

The tutu is 6" in length and uses 75 yards of soft tulle, topped with a beautiful satin bow. The bow can be positioned at the front or back. This allows you to capture your perfect newborn photo shot.

Frog Hat Will Get Baby a-Leaping

frog hat
Adorable frog hat will bring smiles. Etsy designer: threekittensknitting

While ten lords a-leaping sounds elegant, your baby will look so much spiffier as a leaping froggie. This hand-crocheted frog hat features big googly eyes at the top of the head and is edged in white yarn for added appeal.

Unique baby hats are one of my favorite gifts to give babies, particularly in the cool winter months. Sometimes all people get to see of babies is there little heads poking out of car seats and slings, so a hat can make a great little topper (and conversation starter!). Check out our baby hat photo gallery for more ideas.

Piper the Wee Penguin

penguin toy
Piper the Wee Penguin Toy. Etsy designer: cmh designs

I don't know about you, but between the drummers drumming and the pipers pipping, I might just get a headache. Let's opt instead for this super-soft penguin toy. No noise, just soft, friendly and super cuddly.

I love that this particular toy is made from leftover fabric scraps - an an environemtally friendly option. Piper stand roughly 5" tall (think the size of a softball), and will be the perfect winter companion for your baby.

Looking for a different stuffed animal toy? CMH Designs has several other options as well.

Rock on in Baby Drum Onsie Set

baby drum
For your baby: drum outfit set. Etsy desginer: lowleepop

Let's take the 12 Days of Christmas to a little punk rock edge. This alternative baby drum onsie set will have your baby be the little rock star on the block.

The black set is gender neutral, suitable for baby boys or girls. The screened printed images in available in several sizes, and comes with a onsie, bib, and cap. It comes in a mod-looking gift box, so you don't have to worry about wrapping it up either.

Designer lowleepop carries many fresh designs if you are looking for a gift for parents who favor an alternative or edgy style.

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