12 Days of Christmas Printables

​For the twelve days of Christmas, Terri Mauro gave to me ...

Twenty-Eight Love Notes

Text and image by Terri Mauro

Print out Love Notes for Special Parents, my collection of inspirational messages for moms and dads of kids with special needs. Browse through the 28 designs, pick a few to print and post by your computer to keep your spirits up, and e-mail a few to your friends who could use a lift. 

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Twenty-Two Ways to Tell Your Child "I Love You"

Text and image by Terri Mauro

The colorful printable version of my longer longer text version has 22 ways to show your child positive attention. It's a good reminder that even when our kids have problems with language or emotions or connecting in "ordinary" ways, we can still express affection and love in ways that are comfortable for and meaningful to them. That's a pretty nice gift right there -- the gift of understanding. Print this list and try out some of these ideas with your child this holiday vacation time.

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Eighteen Reasons to Take a Day Off

Take a Day Off
Text and image by Terri Mauro

Print out a mini-poster outlining all the things you can take a day off from. Yeah, I know, a day off is the last thing you feel like you can manage right now, here, the day before Christmas eve. But even if you keep up the hustle and bustle, you can take a day off from caring what other people think, or worrying about troubles down the road, or doing homework. Every little bit of de-stressing counts, and is a gift to yourself and those who have to live with you.

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Twelve Special-Needs Carols

Special-Needs Carol 11: Carol of the Mall
Text copyright © Terri Mauro. Artwork copyright © Bobbie Peachey.

Befitting the song origins of this exercise, my first day's gift to you is a songbook full of special-needs carols that rewrite the traditional lyrics to bring them more in line with the way the holidays roll for the parents of children with disabilities. Enjoy "Hark, the Relatives Complain," "Carol of the Mall," "We'll Be Ill for Christmas," "Too-Silent Night," and eight more carols that I hope will give you a smile in this stressful season. Read them, print them, share them, send them, slip them into church hymnals to show those people who stare at your child what you're up against.

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Twelve Teacher Coupons

Coupon Good for One Classroom Supply Donation As Needed
Design and text by Terri Mauro
When you need a quick teacher gift, print out, cut out, and give these "gift" coupons to show a special educator in your child's life how much you appreciate the work he or she is doing (and how much you understand that getting out of an unpleasant discussion with you might be worth something.

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Twelve Coupons for Moms and Dads

Coupon Good for One Apology
Design and text by Terri Mauro

Print out coupons designed to honor the fathers and mothers of children with special needs and give them a laugh. If you have access to a laminator, you might give these a nice plastic coating so you can give, redeem, and give back. Give a bunch of one or two you know are particularly necessary, or offer the full set.

Three Warning Labels

Copyright c. 2006 by Terri Mauro

Here's a useful printable for parents of children with food allergies and other restricted diets. If family members and school personnel don't get it when you politely tell them what your child can't eat, slap one of these labels on your youngster with a safety pin or some wide tape and see if that gets the message across any better. You can write your child's particular no-no in the white space in the middle, and add a second label that says "I MEAN It!!!" for good measure. At least the red color complements a holiday outfit.

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Twelve Months of Love

January 2015 Calendar
Image and Text by Terri Mauro

Print out your Love Notes for Special Parents Calendar for 2015. Each month features one of my Love Notes for Special Parents inspirational messages along with the days and weeks of the year to come. New for this year, you can download a .pdf of each calendar month and size it as you like before printing. Make it little enough to fit in a CD-case frame or big enough to see with your tired, tired eyes. Check back toward the end of the year for the 2016 edition.

Seven Special Wishes

Text and image by Terri Mauro

Print out a wish list filled with the things you really wish you could find under the tree. Like a house cleaner. IEP back-up. A good night's sleep. They don't wrap so well, but they'd make your holiday merry. Perhaps passing around a printout or e-mailing a copy around might give some folks an idea or two of the help you could use all year through.

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Ten Coupons for Kids

Text and image by Terri Mauro

Print out ten cool coupons to give to kids as gifts, rewards, or bribes. Print up the whole set of ten, or ten of one important offering, and use as a stocking stuffer or add-on to a bigger present. If you have access to a laminating machine, give them a protective coat of plastic so you can give and redeem over and over again.

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Four Motivating Bookmarks

Motivating Bookmarks for Reluctant Readers
Image and text by Terri Mauro

In addition to holding your place, these printable bookmarks can motivate your child to read more or keep track of the reading being done. For each design, you can choose between one that allows you to punch a hole for each chapter read and one that lets your child give each chapter a star rating. Use the record of completion the bookmarks provide to offer rewards for reading accomplished. The bookmarks make an easy Christmas stocking stuffer or addition to a gift of books.

One Funny IEP Alert

Image and text by Terri Mauro

Print out mini-poster for maintaining your sense of humor about those high-pressure, low-self-esteem meetings in which professionals tell you what you should agree to about your child's schooling. Will the alert level be low, with only a minor risk of backstabbing and deception? Elevated, with significant risk of law violation and denial of services? Or severe, with a high likelihood of vein-popping, heart-stopping outrage? Give printouts of this warning sign to support-group members and fellow IEP warriors, e-mail it to your online allies, and keep a copy by your phone to keep track of the risk level on those long conversations with school personnel.

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