13 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy Photos from the Second Trimester

Twins at 13 Weeks Pregnant

13 Weeks Pregnant with Twins
Photo © A. Hopkins

Welcome to the second trimester! Are you ready for the best part of pregnancy? Here are pregnancy photos from the second trimester, 13 weeks pregnant in this belly gallery. 

The second trimester is much more enjoyable for most pregnant women. The intense pregnancy symptoms of the first trimester begin fade and the joy of the second trimester slowly replaces it. That's not to say that all of the morning sickness goes away automatically, just because you hit 13 weeks.

The best part of the second trimester is the new found confidence that so many mothers feel. When they begin to feel better and outwardly look even the slightest bit pregnant, it makes them have confidence in their pregnancy, even though they still have a long way to go.

Part of the confidence is taking pictures and sharing them. These lovely pregnant bellies at 13 weeks is proof of that right here. The moms want to share with you the joy and love they feel moving forward with their pregnancies.

So, if you're looking at this and you're pregnant, please remember to take photos. You don't have to do it every week, but by taking photos you will be able to have a record of your pregnancy for the whole family, including this baby when she or he is older. You may also consider other things too like doing portraits, a belly cast, or other fun things to remember these few weeks of pregnancy that really do fly by..


Your Body 13 Weeks Pregnant 


We're so excited to be expecting twins! I know at 13 week pregnant with twins, I breathed a sigh of relief because the risk of disappearing twins, or vanishing twin syndrome, was almost gone.

13 Weeks Pregnant Belly

13 Weeks Pregnant Belly
Photo © Paula

I'm feeling a lot better the nausea is going away and I'm really excited to find out if my little squidget is a boy or girl!

13 Weeks - 1st Baby

1st Pregnancy - 13 Weeks
Photo © R. Baxter

 She's barely showing but excited to be showing off her belly at 13 weeks pregnant.

13 Weeks Pregnant - Second Baby

13 Weeks Pregnant
Photo © Cynthia

The mom in this pregnancy photo is 13 weeks pregnant with her second pregnancy. Looking good and feeling great.

13 Weeks Pregnant - Second Baby

13 Weeks Pregnant
Photo © Cynthia

13 Weeks Pregnant - 6 Days After Abdominal Surgery

13 Weeks Pregnant
Photo © Maria

This mom is 13 weeks pregnant with her third baby (seventh pregnancy). This photo is taken 6 days after abdominal surgery to remove her right ovary and a tumor the size of a honeydew melon. Abdominal surgery is often held off until after the first trimester when possible. I'd say she's looking great for just having had surgery!

2nd Pregnancy - 13 Weeks

This mom is 13 weeks pregnant with her second baby.
Photo © Erin

 She's not quite showing here in this picture but the beginnings of a baby bump.

13 Weeks Pregnant Belly Photo

This mom is 13 weeks pregnant.
Photo © C. Elliott

 This mom has the perfectly round belly at 13 weeks.

13 Week Belly Photo

13 Week Belly Photo
Photo © L. Gregg

 At 13 weeks pregnant, this mom is in the second trimester and loving it.

13 Weeks Pregnant - Second Baby

13 Week Belly Photo - 2nd baby
Photo © A. Slusser

 Having a second baby is way easier than the first in terms of knowing what to expect.

13 Weeks Pregnant, Belly Button Ring

This mom is 13 weeks pregnant with her second pregnancy. Notice the belly button ring (piercing).
Photo © A. Slusser

This mom is 13 weeks pregnant with her second pregnancy. Notice the belly button ring (piercing).

1st Baby - 13 Weeks

1st Baby - 13 Weeks
Photo © Josee

 In these early days of the second trimester, you may find that your clothes don't fit very well. The trouble is that maternity clothes don't quite work either. So what's a woman to do?