14-Year-Old Teen and Compulsive Lying

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A parent is looking for advice: Miss 14 has an uncanny knack of lying about most things from as small as (but I did the dishes) with the dishes still in the sink to leaving the house all night and finds an excuse like I don't think I want to live here anymore. Single dad of 2 teenage girls (14 and 13) which I only gained custody 3 and a half years ago it has been a long battle to keep them safe not only from the everyday things in life but from they're own mother and her choices of substance abuse (drug and alcohol) to choice of partner (convicted child sex offender), she is also a compulsive liar.

Miss 14 still says I have to earn her respect and yells and at times screams at me just to stop the "conversation". I hope someone can help with any form of advice. I just need help!

We have been seeing a family counselor for around 3 months now and as much as I think it helps us, it seems to go in one ear and out the other of miss 14. The main problem with these lies is it gets others in trouble and I can't help if I don't know the truth. Just another example from yesterday, 5 teachers marked her absent from class but she still says she was at school all day, even when confronted by school officials her attitude is to deny deny deny and it will go away.

Denise's thoughts: What is the goal of her behavior? She is lying because it is working for her. Whatever it is she doesn't want to do, she lies and doesn't have to do it. Or if she wants to get out of a school situation she put herself in, she lies and has everyone dealing with the lying and she skims by not having to deal directly with the real problem.

I would for a time take away the opportunity to lie. Explain that you cannot trust her words, so you will no longer be asking for them. Don't ask if she did the dishes, wait until you can check and then if they are not done, tell her to do them and give her a consequence if you have set one up.

Five teachers mark her absent?

She wasn't there. No discussion necessary. If she continues to insist that she was, explain that you are sorry she feels the need to lie, but you don't believe her. You do hope that when the next situation pops up, she will trust you enough to tell you the truth because you love her.

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Quick links: Teen Lying Help and Advice

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