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One of the best aspects of a burgeoning online health and fitness industry is that as the industry grows, more high quality resources are being offered to the public for free. This means barriers to trainers and workouts are reduced, making it possible for practically anyone to find and utilize quality resources as they pursue their health and fitness journey. 

In April 2016, SparkPeople TV teamed up with AcaciaTV to provide users with the new SparkPeople TV Workout Generator. This online workout video service features more than 500 express workouts from AcaciaTV's award-winning instructors in addition to SparkPeople TV's own library of workouts. Best of all? All the workouts are free. 

How SparkPeople TV's Workout Generator Works

The Workout Generator enables you to sort videos by workout type, length of workout, instructor, equipment, and fitness level. If you create an account (or if you already have a SparkPeople account), you can log your routines and save your favorites for future access. As a member, you also receive SparkPoints for the workouts you complete. These points count toward virtual rewards to help keep you motivated to continue your fitness program.

While most videos take less than 15 minutes to complete (perfect for a little extra activity on your lunch break), some are set up as playlists, taking you through several short routines for a full-length program. 

While there are hundreds of workouts to choose between (all from high-quality instructors!), click through the slideshow to check out a selection of 17 excellent workouts.

Stability Ball Burn

Stability Ball Burn
Acacia/SparkPeople TV

If you have a stability ball and a set of dumbbells, it's time to break them out. This 21-minute routine consists of several shorter segments led by trainers Deazie Gibson and Gerren Liles. Don't expect a simple ab workout—you're going to blast your whole body and enjoy a dose of cardio as you challenge your strength and stability. 

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Power Boxing

Power Boxing
Acacia/SparkPeople TV

You may have heard of Power Boxing, a serious body-sculpting boxing workout led by trainer Marlen Esparza. The 33-minute routine consists of four short videos: a warm up, cardio segment, upper body sculpt and cool down. While it won't be easy, the workout is appropriate for beginner and intermediate fitness levels. 

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Bollywood Fitness

Bollywood Dance Workout
Acacia/SparkPeople TV

Shake your hips and wave your arms like your favorite Bollywood actor or actress. This 32-minute compilation of videos from Bollywood Fitness trainer, Hemalayaa, includes a segment on weight loss, lower body, and glutes and core. As a lower-impact routine, it's appropriate for beginners—the perfect, upbeat dance workout to get you energized before you head to work. 

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Yoga: Martial Arts Flow

Shiva Rhea Mind-Body Flow
Acacia/SparkPeople TV

Trainer Shiva Rea is a well-known yoga instructor who offers a meld of meditation, yoga flow, and martial arts in this 8-minute routine. While anyone is welcome to try it, it is geared to a more intermediate to advanced level yogi. 

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Core Fusion Pilates

Exhale Core Fusion
Acacia/SparkPeople TV

Mat-based Pilates classes are known for their ab-torching exercises, and Exhale's Core Fusion Pilates is no exception. Led by Exhale trainers, Fred and Elisabeth, this class is appropriate for all levels and requires nothing more than your own body weight to complete. Expect your abs to burn during the first 10 minute section, followed by a 10-minute lower body blast. 

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Kettlebell for Beginners

Kettlebell Workouts for Beginners
Acacia/SparkPeople TV

If you've always wanted to know what all the fuss about kettlebells is about, this is your opportunity to give 'em a whirl (or a swing, if you will). This 7-minute routine focuses on a few basic moves to talk you through the intricacies of form and function. All you'll need is access to a kettlebell and the internal motivation to follow trainer Paul Katami's instructions. 

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Express Squat Workout

Andrea Metcalf Express Squat
Acacia/SparkPeople TV

Who doesn't love a quick and effective mid-day booty booster? This 5-minute glute routine features squats, squats and... more squats from well-known celebrity trainer Andrea Metcalf. Go ahead and cue the workout up at work after you finish lunch or wrap up a meeting—it's appropriate for all fitness levels and requires no equipment at all. 

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7-Minute Upper Body Workout with Band

Resistance Band Arms
Getty Images/Peathegee Inc.

To balance out your 5-minute squat routine, go ahead and hit your upper body with this 8-minute resistance band workout. By storing a band in your car console, your desk or your purse, you'll always be ready to tax your shoulders, biceps and triceps. Follow along with this all-level routine from SparkPeople's Coach Nicole—it's effective and easy to remember, so after doing it a few times, you may even be able to lead yourself through the routine without using the video. 

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Yoga Blast: Hip-Hop Yoga

Hip Hop Yoga
Acacia/SparkPeople TV

Hip hop plus yoga? Yes, please. When you need an upbeat routine to get your blood flowing while releasing stress with an effective yoga flow, look no further than this 6-minute routine from Dr. Lisa Masterson. Sure, the workout is short, but who says you need to carve out hours of your time to reap the benefits of exercise? A little bit goes a long way. 

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Ripped: Total Body Challenge

Acacia/SparkPeople TV

When you're looking for a higher-level workout routine, this R.I.P.P.E.D. Total Body Challenge series is exactly what you need. Geared to intermediate and advanced fitness levels, the three-video compilation includes a cardio endurance segment, an intervals for weight loss segment, and a plyometrics segment. The total workout is still just 21 minutes, but don't take it lightly—you're going to break a sweat. 

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Core Fusion Bootcamp

Exhale Fred and Lisa
Acacia/SparkPeople TV

Another great beginner to intermediate level program from Exhale's Fred and Elisabeth, this 39-minute compilation of four videos consists of a yoga-inspired cardio warm up, two plyometric segments and a cardio/flexibility focus to wrap things up. You'll need a stability ball to follow along with all the moves, but you'll still enjoy a nice workout if you have to go without. Expect a fun mix of Pilates, barre, yoga and cardio moves during this full-body routine. 

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Hip Hop Dance Your Way Into Shape

Amanda Hip Hop Dance
Acacia/SparkPeople TV

When you need a quick pick-me-up at the end of the day, nothing will get your energy flowing faster than this 10-minute hip hop dance workout from Amanda Young. Just cue up the video and bust a move. You don't need any equipment or special skills to prepare. Just keep in mind, it is an intermediate to advanced level routine, so don't feel bad if you can't keep up the first time through. 

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Mind-Body Meditation

Shiva Rhea Martial Arts Flow
Acacia/SparkPeople TV

When you're stressed, depressed or short on rest, it's time to give your brain a break with an instructor-led meditation. This 7-minute routine from yogi Shiva Rea is practically guaranteed to give you the head space you need to move on with your day. 

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Get Up and Dance!

Dance Amanda
Acacia/SparkPeople TV

If you can't keep up with Amanda Young's intermediate-to-advanced level Hip Hop Dance workout, then this beginner-level cardio dance routine (also from Amanda) might be more your style. It's short, just 7-minutes, but it'll put your whole body in motion for a little heart-boosting cardio. Plus, dancing's great for stress relief. Feel free to put on your own "happy tunes" as you follow along with Young's steps. 

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15-Minute Desk Workout

Desk Workout
Getty Images/Roberto Westbrook

Stuck at work? No sweat. 

Or maybe specifically, you can still sweat. 

This 15-minute workout from SparkPeople's Coach Nicole offers everything you need to burn a few calories at the office. All you need is your own body weight and access to a sturdy chair without rolling wheels. 

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8-Minute Cardio Intervals Workout

cardio intervals
Getty Images/EHStock

I'm a huge fan of cardio intervals, as they do wonders for post-workout calorie expenditure (technically termed EPOC or excess post-exercise calorie consumption).

This 8-minute interval workout may not seem like much, but with high intensity movements, your whole body will feel the burn. The good news is, all you need is your body weight to perform the routine, so you can fit it in practically anywhere—at home while cooking dinner, at work during a break or even at your kid's soccer practice. It's even appropriate for all fitness levels, as SparkPeople's Coach Nicole talks you through modifications to make exercises easier or more challenging. 

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10-Minute Jump Rope Cardio Workout

Jump Rope Workout
Getty Images/Luis Alvarez

I'm a bit of a jump rope junkie. I absolutely love the benefits that jumping rope provides - a workout comparable to running, but with lower impact and greater upper-body engagement (especially if you use a weighted jump rope). Plus, when you jump rope in a series of intervals, incorporating a variety of jump styles and formats, you're less likely to get bored than if you were simply jogging on a treadmill. 

Granted, jumping rope is generally a higher-level workout, and this 12-minute routine is no different, as it's geared to intermediate and advanced fitness levels. If you're not quite ready to pick up a rope, consider following along with SparkPeople's Coach Nicole with a "virtual rope" (aka, your empty hands), to see if you can master the moves without worrying about tripping over a rope. 

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