29 Things Kids Can Do on February 29

Make the most of your bonus day!

29 Things to Do on February 29
Maybe just on Leap Year Day, kids can jump on the bed?. Hero Images

Got any plans for February 29? It's Leap Year Day! While your preschooler probably doesn't quite understand the purpose of the day or even the calendar itself, Leap Year Day can be pretty fun to celebrate! Here are 29 fun and educational things kids can do on February 29, from leaping around to learning more about time and the world around them.

  1. Research the history of the date. Why do we have an extra day at the end of February?  
  1. Make the most of the extra day by volunteering as a family.
  2. Throw a birthday party for everyone who celebrates a birthday on February 29. Make an extra-special cake!
  3. Learn all about frogs or any other animals that are leapers. 
  4. Make a Leap Year Time Capsule. Don't open it until the next Leap Year on February 29, 2020!
  5. Since Leap Day is on a Monday this year, consider going on a long-weekend vacation as a family. 
  6. Go for a walk as a family. Take 229 steps. Or if your preschooler is up for it, walk 2.29 miles. 
  7. Jump rope. How many times can you go around?
  8. Make a photo calendar to commemorate the rest of the year. 
  9. Visit LeapYearDay to learn about the day and read stories from people who were born on February 29. 
  10. Try to teach your preschooler how to play checkers. Have fun jumping over your opponent! 
  11. Talk about the four seasons. What would happen if time got off track and we celebrated Christmas in July? 
  1. Practice counting to 29. Use buttons, toy cars -- anything that you can find around the house. 
  2. Visit the past. Talk about what was going on four years ago (your preschooler was probably a baby, if he or she was born at all!) 
  3. And daydream about the future! What does your preschooler think they will be doing on the next Leap Year?
  1. Play "Pin the Kiss on the Frog."
  2. Make a fun Leap Year craft, such as this paper plate frog. 
  3. Have your preschooler practice his or her cutting skills by making a Leap Year collage of things that leap -- frogs, kangaroos, jumping beans, and more!
  4. Learn all about lizards. Do they jump? No, but a bunch of lizards together is called a leap!
  5. Take out 29 blocks. Build different variations of towers. Can your preschooler leap over them?
  6. Explain to your preschooler how people born on February 29 actually celebrate their birthdays on February 28 or March 1 if it isn't a Leap Year. Figure out how old everyone in the family would be if they only celebrated their birthday once every four years. 
  7. Go to the library and see if they have any books about Leap Year. All checked out? How about books about frogs or kangaroos?
  8. Instead of playing "Duck, duck, goose" play "Ribbit, ribbit, frog!"
  9. Check out these cool pictures of frog and toad houses.
  10. Hit the planetarium. Learn about how the Earth travels around the sun.
  1. "Leap year comes one year in four, and February has one day more." Spend some time talking about the months of the year. Study the calendar. Point out birthdays and holidays.
  2. Have a jumping contest. Who can jump the farthest? The highest?
  3. Many towns have special Leap Year Celebrations. Check out your town and see what is happening!
  4. Play leapfrog! 

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