30-Day Quick Start Exercise Guide - Your First Month

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On Day 1 of your 30-Day Quick Start Guide, you completed your first workout. During week 1, you got through a full week of cardio, strength and flexibility workouts and now you're ready to build on that success with progressively more challenging workouts.

Week 1

    Week 2

    During week 2, you'll continue with the same schedule, but progress with a few small changes to keep you challenged.  For your cardio, you'll do the same workouts with an added 5 minutes to build endurance and increase your exercise time.   Your strength training workouts include the same exercises, but you'll be doing 2 sets of each exercise for added intensity. Modify the workouts as needed to fit your fitness level and goals.

    Week 3

    This week, the changes to your workouts are more drastic with higher intensity cardio workouts, a new and more challenging strength routine as well as a new yoga workout to try.

    Your cardio workouts go up from 25 minutes to 30 minutes and the interval workout takes you to higher levels of intensity than before.  The strength routine includes new exercises and heavier weights. Modify the workouts as needed to fit your fitness level and goals.

    Week 4

    With 3 weeks of workouts under your belt, you'll maintain your previous schedule with a few small changes to keep things interesting.  You'll continue with your 30-minute cardio workouts, but try a new interval routine that includes making more frequent changes throughout the workout.  Your strength workout remains the same, but you'll add a second set challenge your muscles and to continue progressing.

      Week 5 and Beyond

      With four weeks of workouts completed, it's important to maintain the momentum you've worked so hard to create. The following options will help you continue on your new healthy path of making exercise a priority in your life.

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