6 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy Photos from the First Trimester

1st Baby at 6 Weeks Pregnancy

6 Weeks Pregnant - First Baby
Photo © Sara

You may not be too far along at six weeks pregnant, but some moms already have a pregnant belly showing. While this is more common in women who have previously had children or who are very thin, it is possible to show at six weeks pregnant. Enjoy the pregnancy photos below!

You may also notice more pregnancy symptoms starting this week. Week six tends to be that magical week where the hormones are at the right levels and kick in to cause you to feel it all, sometimes all at once. So if you've been relatively fine and wondering what all the fuss was about, don't be shocked if you come down with a bad case of morning sickness.

Certainly, there are other things you might experience. These can include lovely symptoms like ​constipation, fatigue, and frequent urination. The good news is that there are things you can do to ease all of these symptoms. The best defense is usually a good offense. In a pregnancy, that means get plenty of exercise, eat well, and sleep when you can. This will serve you well over the course of the next nine months.

I want you to know it's also okay to experience no symptoms in your pregnancy. I think that with all of the discussion around how badly some moms-to-be feel, that when you're pregnant and you don't feel like death warmed over, people get overly worried that maybe something is wrong. The truth is that everyone deals with hormones differently.

Early pregnancy can be so infuriating. You are so excited about being pregnant. Your belly may only show a bit, if at all. No one can feel the baby. You may or may not have any pregnancy symptoms! So what’s a woman to do? My advice is to start a pregnancy journal or blog, find a childbirth class that focuses on early pregnancy and get a great book on parenting to read. (Yes, parenting, not pregnancy.) This gives you some social outlets that are acceptable in which to be completely pregnancy focused, it can also be helpful in helping you find a network of other families who are due near you. These networks can provide you with a host of information and support that you never dreamed possible.

You may also find a great group of moms due when you are if you start attending parenting groups meetings like the La Leche League or other groups. Ask a local childbirth educator or doula for a referral. Even going to prenatal exercise classes can be a great way to meet other mothers-to-be.

Are you tired of being pregnant yet? Wondering when everything will hit? The first weeks of pregnancy can feel overwhelming. I think that is largely the societal expectations. Then everyone starts asking - do you feel differently yet? You have so much to look forward to in later pregnancy and you might even find yourself wishing away the early weeks. My advice would be to use these first weeks as a cocoon. Do what you can but protect yourself from the outside world as much as possible. EVen if that means being a bit of a loner. It's a short period of time. Soon you will be ready to blossom along with your new found belly.

1st Baby at 6 Weeks Pregnancy

belly gallery 6 weeks pregnant
Photo © M. Schmidt

Baby at 6 Weeks Pregnancy

6 weeks pregnancy belly
My first baby!. Photo © A. Royster

2nd Baby at 6 Weeks Pregnant

6 Weeks Pregnant - Second Baby
Photo © Debbi

Tattoo - 4th Pregnancy - 6 Weeks Pregnant

This is a 6 weeks pregnant belly photo with a tattoo from a fourth pregnancy.
This is a 6 weeks pregnant belly photo with a tattoo from a fourth pregnancy. Photo © C. Beyeler