A Coach's Journey With Depression and Anxiety

An Interview with Natalie Edwards

Natalie Edwards is a Personal Development Coach who has struggled with depression and anxiety.

Natalie Edwards is a United Kingdom-based Personal Development Coach who has struggled with depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety and body dysmorphia. She shares her journey with these diagnoses and offers advice to anyone facing similar experiences.

Note: This article does not offer professional psychological or medical advice.

Natalie's Symptoms

As a result of difficulties engaging in daily activities in her corporate career, frequent and inexplicable crying episodes, uncontrollable and uncharacteristic anger and resentment as well as arguments with her partner, Natalie went to the National Health Service in the United Kingdom to get help.

She additionally experienced overwhelming thoughts of suicide and the ongoing desire to drink and hide away.

She was overwhelmed with not feeling good enough. She had erroneous assumptions that her partner was going to leave her, and experienced anger toward him for things that were out of his control. She notes that she fell into bad habits with eating and drinking, felt badly about herself and completely lost focus in life. She had little energy, wanted to run away, and developed a serious kidney infection from stress for which she was hospitalized.

Natalie's Treatment

Natalie was provided three months of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in London and saw an acupuncturist for six weeks. She also started working with a coach, a spiritual guidance counselor and used Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) which she notes was transforming.

The Most Difficult Aspects of Natalie’s Mental Health Issues

Most difficult for Natalie as she has managed her mental health issues has been “the way it has a tendency to take hold if you allow it to.” She notes that it has been most difficult to not allow it to control her or cause her to retreat.

Her mental health issues have also almost destroyed her relationship with her best friend of fifteen years, her boyfriend.

The Benefits and Gifts From her Mental Health Problems

Exploring her mental health problems and allowing them to become her friends has taught Natalie a great deal about herself.

“Although frightening, I see it as a blessing as I’m able to connect with others and clients who have dealt with the same issues on a deeper level.”

Most Helpful for Natalie

Natalie notes that noticing her thoughts from a detached perspective has helped a great deal. CBT, yoga, meditation, as well as the avoidance of sugar and alcohol, have also contributed to her recovery.

Her Lowest Point

Natalie’s lowest point was the day that she seriously considered suicide. Her boyfriend was angry with her for not opening up to him, and she eventually spoke with him about her experiences.

Natalie Today

“My life is completely transformed.” She offers life coaching and yoga to clients who sometimes suffer with similar issues. She assists them in reframing their lives and getting out of their pain. She reminds herself daily to practice self-acceptance and self-love, and notes that nourishment is not selfish and has completely changed her life and work.

Advice to Someone Struggling with Similar Issues

She advises those struggling to practice self-care even on days that they do not wish to, whether that may be running a bath, trying some meditation or simply taking some deep breaths to bring much-needed stillness.

Talk to someone you trust, and do not bottle things up. Get curious about what your depression is trying to tell you instead of being scared of it.”

About Natalie

Natalie Edwards is a Personal Development Coach specializing in helping women in their 30’s create and live a life of freedom. Previously an Art Director in the Graphic Design, Online Retail and Fashion arenas, she is also a certified Forrest Yoga and iRest teacher with over 700 hours of training and experience in yoga, bodywork & meditation, and has worked with some of the world’s leading business and transformation coaches. Credentials aside, Natalie only helps what she knows in her bones she can help other women with by teaching from a truthful, heartfelt place, and from her own life experience. Learn more about Natalie at: www.natedwards.co.uk

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