A Day in the Life of a Stoner

A Fictional Account of the Day to Day Experience of Daily Marijuana Smoking

Man lighting marijuana cigarette
Paul Bradbury/OJO Images/Getty

The sound of my room-mate's stereo thuds through the wall and I startle awake. I reach for my stash and skin up a joint before my eyes are properly open. I take a few puffs then lie back, feeling exhausted. I drowse for a few minutes before sitting up for a proper smoke. The waves of euphoria rush over me, and I can fall back to sleep for a while.

Some time later, I'm woken again by the sound of raised voices outside my room.

There is some kind of disagreement going on. I yell at whoever it is to chill out, light up the joint I didn't finish earlier, and stumble out to the bathroom. Then it's through to the kitchen to grab a coffee, before heading back to bed. I switch on the TV, and spend an hour or two watching the tube until the munchies get the better of me. Need food.

There are people in the kitchen and I'm not feeling sociable, so I avoid getting into a conversation with them. I grab a bowl of breakfast cereal and a package of cookies and head back to my room. This should keep me going for a while. A couple more hours of TV, and it feels like time to get up.

I come through to the kitchen and I see one of my room-mates sitting with five strangers. My room-mate explains that they are here to score some pot, and that they have been waiting for over three hours. I remind him not to bring people round if I haven't met them before.

He tells me he introduced them to me last night at the bar and I'd told them they would be welcome any time. Heck, I don't even remember last night.

I'm not a drug dealer, but my welfare check just isn't enough for basic food and rent, let along the cost of my pot habit, so I make a bit of extra cash by supplying a few friends.

I have one guy that I buy pot from in large amounts once or twice a week, and maybe a dozen or so friends, half of which are room-mates, who I share with. I don't have a great lifestyle, but I have enough to smoke all the pot I want, and pay my rent and bills, and go out to the bar or to a gig or whatever, whenever I want. As long as I don't get busted, this arrangement works just fine for me.

After sorting out the five visitors with 1/8 oz of weed each, I head back to my room to chill out. I put on a CD, smoke another joint, and lie back to listen to the music. My mind wanders to the time when I bought this CD -- I was in college at the time, looking forward to a career in engineering. That was before I realized how competitive the job market is these days -- you have to spend literally months applying for jobs you may not even get an interview for, then if you do, you have to wear a suit and answer a bunch of questions that you have no idea how to answer. I would feel so nervous before an interview, I would need a smoke beforehand to relax. Then, when I got in there, I would either be paranoid or find the whole thing ridiculously funny. One time, I was asked to leave an interview because I just couldn't stop laughing.

So I guess that engineering degree didn't get me very far, but to be honest, I feel like I'm better off without a job. A couple of the people on my course have gone on to work in engineering, and it doesn't sound like a lot of fun. They have to be up for work every day, except for a few weeks of vacation every year, and they have to stay straight pretty much all the time they are there. The starting salary isn't that much more than I make with my welfare cheque and small time dealing. Why bother?

When I talk to them about it, they come out with a whole bunch of stuff I can't relate to. They talk about career progression, travel, and relationships.

Well, what's the point of career progression if you're not up to the 9-5? And who needs to travel the world, when you can travel through inner space? Relationships are a waste of time -- most of them end up breaking up anyway. May as well avoid all that pain and just take care of my own feelings, never mind anyone else's.

The day is almost over and I'm getting hungry again. I call for a pizza and veg out in my room. I've had enough of people today.

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