5 Ways to Fake Your Smile into Looking Whiter and Brighter!

A Great Smile Doesn't Have to be Fake to Look Great!

Smile makeover by Dr. Alex Naini. Dr Alex Naini

We are bombarded with beautiful smiles everywhere we go, from the movies, TV and magazines to the kid with the killer smile that just delivered your pizza! As Americans we are lucky that we have some of the nicest smiles on the planet thanks to modern dentistry and orthodontics. However, some of us have to live in this sea of beautiful smiles and don't want or can't afford to redo our smiles to live up to the Hollywood standard. Don't worry...here are some fun, inexpensive solutions to help you up your SMILE wattage!

1. Trick Your Smile into Looking Whiter!

Blue based red lipstick 'LOVE" by SmileSwag. Drew Xeron

Have you ever noticed that sometimes your smile looks better in a picture than at other times?For women, replicating this can be easy. Next time you go lipstick shopping pick a color that has a blue base rather than an orange base. Because of where the color blue is on the color wheel it helps to neutralize orange or yellow tones when these colors are put next to each other! So the blue based red and pink lipsticks are the ones to choose to make your teeth look whiter. You can try them on to pick the perfect shade or try the new lipstick line from SmileSwag where blue based range of shades to flatter every skin tone and smile have already been handpicked. For the makeup averse (or men!) continue reading for more tips...

2. Bring on the Flash

Woman enjoying a day at the beach
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Next time you are about to take a picture for your latest social media post, turn on the flash! One of the reasons it is so hard for a cosmetic dentist to get a good "before" picture that accurately depicts how yellow the smile they are about to redo is because of the flash. As soon as you turn on the flash it reflects off the tooth enamel creating a whiter looking smile. Use this to your advantage next time you take a vacation pic to make your smile look brighter! There are also filters that mimic the flash and whiten your smile. 

3. Drink your Coffee Through a Straw

If you are going to drink teeth staining drinks, then use a straw. This deposits the stains behind your teeth instead of your smile. I've seen this work for patients for years! The front of their smiles look great and the backs of their teeth have stains galore. But who's looking, other than your dentist or hygienist? No one! It's best to avoid staining drinks like coffee, tea, and wine or acidic drinks like soda and sports drinks, but if you don't, try a straw!

4. Rinse and Repeat!

Another great way to help your smile is to rinse with water after eating anything sugary, staining or acidic. Anything bad at all. So, if for example, you just ate a bunch of candy and can't brush, rinse with water. 

Chewing gum is another great way to wash out food debris, stains and neutralize acids. 

It takes the body an hour to neutralize the ph and remove the cavity or stain causing culprits from your mouth. Chewing gum or rinsing with water neutralizes the problem reducing the stains you might get from coffee, tea or even smoking.

5. Use an Electric Toothbrush!

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Don't forget to brush and floss! This is the most important rule of all. Brush twice a day for 2 whole minutes and floss at least once a day. Add an electric toothbrush to the mix if you can. Electric toothbrushes usually do a great job removing more plaque and stains from your teeth than a regular toothbrush.  Depending on what your dentist recommends, there are many different brands on the market and you should pick one based on your individual goals.  

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