A Mailbox-Shaped Paper Valentine Box in 7 Easy Steps

Learn how to make this paper mailbox Valentine box in 7 simple steps.

Valentine box - paper mailbox Valentine box
You can make this easy paper mailbox Valentine box in a few steps. Katherine Lee

Here's a Valentine box that's shaped like a real mailbox--but it's made out of paper! With just a few materials, you can make this pretty Valentine box in minutes to hold all those Valentines your child will bring home from school. 

Assemble the materials to make the Valentine box.

First, gather the materials you'll need to make this Valentine box:

  • Colored paper, 8 1/2" x 11" in size (use text-weight, not thick card stock)
  • Double-sided tape or glue dots
  • Heart-shape paper punch
  • Heart-shape stickers
  • Ribbon (If you're adding a front of the mailbox.)
  • Hole punch

Tape together two sheets of paper.

Valentine box - mailbox Valentine box
Tape two sheets of paper together. Katherine Lee

Tape two sheets of paper end to end as shown. Then, make a one-inch fold on either end. (These folded edges will tape down onto the bottom sheet in the next step.)

Form a curved top with the two taped sheets of paper to shape the top of your mailbox.

Make a bottom for your mailbox Valentine box.

Next, add a bottom to the Valentine mailbox. Take another piece of 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper and tape the folded edges of the top piece down onto it, making sure you tape the folded edges of the top piece onto the long sides (the 11" sides) of the bottom sheet of paper. (You should have a bit of leftover bottom paper on each end when you center the top piece.)

Fold up any remaining edge seams of the bottom piece of paper. Your paper mailbox will look like this.

Trace and cut out a front and back for the paper mailbox.

Valentine box paper mailbox
Make the front and back of the paper Valentine mailbox. Katherine Lee

Turn the mailbox on its side and trace out the curved shape. Do this twice and then cut out the shape to make the front and back of the paper mailbox. (Be sure to leave a bit of extra paper at the bottom of each piece so that you can make a fold, as shown; this is what you'll use to tape the front and back pieces to the bottom of the mailbox.)

You can also just make one back panel and leave the front open, but adding a front (see the next step) gives your paper mailbox a more realistic touch.

Decorate the Valentine mailbox.

Valentine box paper mailbox craft
Next, decorate your paper Valentine mailbox. Katherine Lee

Using your hole punch and/or stickers, decorate the Valentine mailbox.

You can also cut out a flag shape from another color paper and stick it on the side to give your paper mailbox a cute and realistic look.

Add a ribbon tie to the front of the mailbox.

Valentine box mailbox
Punch holes and add ribbons. Katherine Lee

If you're adding a front panel, punch a hole on the "door" of the mailbox and another hole at the top (see photo). Secure some ribbon at each hole as shown.

Ta da! Here's a finished paper mailbox Valentine box.

Valentine crafts for kids - paper mailbox Valentine box
Here's what your finished mailbox Valentine box will look like. Katherine Lee

To close up the mailbox, tie the ribbons together in a bow. Your finished mailbox Valentine box will look something like this.

Fast, pretty, and easy--this mailbox Valentine box is the perfect Valentine craft for kids!

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