A New Chance at a Better Life

Ex-Smoker David Shares how Smoking Cessation has Transformed his Life


One year before writing this account, David quit smoking, but didn't really expect to succeed for the long term.  He has though, and he shares here how he did it and how his life has changed.

Congratulations, David!

From David_Z:

It has been one year since I smoked my last cigarette.   When I smoked that cigarette I really hoped it would be my last. I quit cold turkey and three days (and 2 sleepless nights) after quitting, I searched the web for symptoms of nicotine withdrawal and found this forum.

As I read the articles about quitting and the posts from others who were trying to quit it occurred to me that I had been in denial for a long time about the effects of smoking on my health and how much my addiction to nicotine was dominating my life.

I realized that my previous attempts at quitting had failed because I had never really thought about my smoking as a drug addiction. I realized that I needed a more thoughtful plan than, “I’m just not going to smoke” and that to free myself from this addiction I could benefit a lot from the help and support of others and by learning more about smoking and about addiction.

How Online Support Helped 

I introduced myself to the forum and started posting and reading and following the advice from more experienced folks about how to stay smoke free. I started a quit journal. I created a list of reasons why I wanted to quit. I created a list of triggers and a plan for how I would deal with them.

I created a list of things that I could do, eat or drink instead of smoking. I bought a bag of hot candy and made a lot of lemonade and drank a lot of ice water. I took walks.

I read a lot at night when I couldn't sleep. I felt thankful just making it through each day without smoking. I tried to encourage others and found that supporting others helped me stay true to my own plan.

And I felt so proud when I reached my first milestone -- a week smoke free.

I would not have done any of those things I mentioned above if I had not found this forum. I would not have understood how those things could possibly make a difference. I would have given in to my desire for nicotine at some point during those first three months and decided that I couldn’t quit smoking because I am weak, lack will power, and have some other critical flaw in my character.

When it comes to smoking, the stakes are very very high. I quit because I want to be around for many more years for my family. I want to see my daughter grow up and I don’t want to die of lung cancer or some other smoking related illness.

Like so many other people, I was deeply conflicted about the fate to which my future was being consigned due to smoking and the lack of power I seemed to have to do anything about it. I hope that I have quit smoking in time and I am deeply thankful for the help I received from people here.

Quitting smoking has transformed my life in ways I never expected.

The tremendous boost in self-confidence, vitality, and self-control I received from quitting smoking has allowed me to make other changes in my life.

   After being smoke free for four months, I started eating a healthier diet and exercising regularly.   By eating a balanced diet and eating only 500 less calories than I burned each day, I was able to lose 45 lbs (20kg) over the past 8 months.   I am probably in the best shape of my adult life.   

And the changes have spilled over into my relationship with my wife and my daughter.   Love is very present in my life.   

I feel blessed to have benefited so much from quitting smoking.  I feel as though I have been given a new chance to create a more satisfying life.

Thank you.


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