A Parent's Guide to Making Second Grade Successful for Children

Parents can help second-graders thrive when they know what to expect

second grade students in class
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Parents can make second grade a successful year for children by familiarizing themselves with the reading and math skills taught and knowing what to expect overall.

During this year, your child is ready to get down to the business of learning. He's probably got the reading and writing basics down, knows his addition and subtraction facts well and is eager to keep going. So what do you need to know?

Here's your parent's guide to second grade.

Second Grade Basics

  • What Do Kids Learn in Second Grade?: Your child's attention span is increasing, which means he's able to learn more difficult concepts in one setting and apply them to other situations. Second-graders are used to their school environment and ready to take on some serious learning.
  • Test-Taking Tips for Students: For many students, second grade is the year that high-stakes (or standardized) testing begins. Find out how to make it through those tests.
    • Test-Taking Tips For Parents: Your child may be the one taking all the tests, but you're the one who needs to help him through it. Here are some test-taking tips for parents to help get children ready.

      Second Grade Reading and Writing  

      • The Non-Fluent Reader: Kids who have reading problems with fluency aren't necessarily the exact opposite of kids who can read fluently. Non-fluent reading problems have uniquely identifying characteristics.
      • What Is a Graphic Organizer?: Graphic organizers, such as Venn diagrams, are often used as part of the writing process to help students map out ideas, plots, character details and settings before beginning to write.

      Read With Your Second Grader

      • Second-Grade Reading List: Introducing your child to a popular and prolific author or a lovable character who is the star of a series of books is a very good way to ensure your child will read more than one book. Here's a list of some of those series and authors.

        Second Grade Math

        • What is Regrouping?: Remember "borrowing" and "carrying?" That's sort of what regrouping is all about.
        • Mental Math: It sounds hard, but mental math can actually be quite easy once your child gets the hang of it.
        • Math Games Online: These sites offer lots of fun online math games that encourage development of addition, subtraction, and other math facts.

        Working With Your Second Grader:

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