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ABEO 3400
ABEO 3400. Walking Company

The Walking Company produces the ABEO line of walking shoes, with the AERO versions designed for brisk fitness walking. I gave them a try and was immediately pleased with the fit, comfort and quality of construction. Then I took them out on my 15-minute walking workouts and my Zumba workout and I was very happy with how they performed.

You can find a variety of different athletic walking shoe styles in the ABEO AERO line.

They have styles that will meet needs for motion control, stability, or lightweight neutral. They have versions for both men and women. They also have many styles that come in wide as well as regular widths.

The ABEO line is only available at The Walking Company stores and online. You get a complimentary digital foot analysis at the store, which determines your arch height and pressure points. This helps them recommend models with more or less arch support and those that provide motion control or not.

ABEO AERO Shoes - Cushioned Yet Light and Stable

I have a neutral gait and a low arch. I chose the Armus (now discontinued) that had a TPU shank for arch support and stability. The sole still remains flexible for a good walking stride. I most noted the stability when doing a Zumba dancing workout class. I felt more confident in my moves in the Armus vs. the less structured running shoe I had been wearing to class.

While the shoes are stable, they weigh 2 ounces less than the Brooks Glycerin running shoes I use for my distance walking. The AERO line has "channeled air chambers" in the sole to provide cushioning, shock absorption and energy return. I liked the feel for standing for longer periods of time as well as for my walking workouts.

They don't list the heel drop, but they appear to be very flat shoes, as are best for walkers. The heel is slightly rounded (as is better for walkers than runners) and not flared.

Fit and Sizing

The model I chose was available in a choice of colors and widths. Interestingly, they came with two sets of laces, one in the base color and one in the accent color. You can choose to have a bolder look or not, which was fun. The lacing system has a tongue retainer slot so you can keep the shoe tongue in place. They also have an extra set of lacing holes at the ankle so you can lace them to retain your heel if needed. I found the fit to be very good in the heel so I didn't have to do anything extreme with the lacing.

The uppers felt well-constructed for durability, and the shoes still look great after several years of intermittent wear for Zumba. I usually damage my shoes around the ankle.

The outsoles are made with durable Vibram MultiTrek. They don't have any deep channels where you might pick up small rocks (as many shoes seem to have nowadays).

Bottom Line on ABEO AERO Walking Shoes

The Walking Company offers a great service in providing foot analysis at their stores and they work to get you the correct kind of shoe you need for fitness walking.

The ABEO AERO line is well-designed for fitness walking.

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