AcaciaTV Online Workouts Review

High-Quality Workouts You Can Access Anywhere



If you're looking for high-quality, on-demand workout videos that you can access from any device, anywhere, any time, a new contender has entered the market: AcaciaTV.


For just $6.99 per month, subscribers can access more than 450 professionally filmed workouts with a wide range of formats, including everything from yoga and barre to dance and strength training. But, as with every such service, there are pros and cons.

Know what you're committing to before you get started.

AcaciaTV: The Overview

Think of AcaciaTV like your own private boutique fitness studio with workouts from some of the best-known names in the business. Trainers like Kristin McGee, Shiva Rea, Andrea Rogers, Andrea Metcalf, and Ben Allen all contribute workouts to the site. The real benefit of such well-known instructors is that in addition to knowing their stuff, they also know how to teach well in front of a camera, which is an entirely different skill. This means that the workouts on AcaciaTV don't just provide high-quality fitness content, they provide high-quality instruction that makes you want to keep tuning in.

What AcaciaTV Does Well

Of course, all online fitness services have a few things in common, including varied video content, online communities, and access to high-quality trainers at a fraction of the cost of a traditional gym.

Ultimately your choice comes down to personal preference. That said, these are the things that AcaciaTV does particularly well:

  • Great Videography. Each workout is professionally shot and edited, often in exotic locations with backup instructors who offer modifications and exercise variations. In other words, they're enjoyable to watch and do. While not all videos are AcaciaTV originals (the service has gained permission from other vendors to provide content through their site), they're all held to a high standard of quality.
  • Interesting Class Formats. Other services, including FitnessGlo, Grokker, and Live Streaming Fitness, offer a wide range of workout classes. AcaciaTV is no different, also offering everything from hip hop dance to high-intensity interval training. That said, some of the classes offered, such as Kung Fu Kickboxing, Bollywood Burn, and Yoga Trance Dance are new and different. Just knowing there are more interesting classes to try makes the service work sticking with.
  • Functional Fitness Planner. The integrated fitness planner makes it easy to pre-plan your weekly or monthly workout schedule by adding AcaciaTV workouts to its integrated calendar. Unfortunately, there's not an obvious way to share this calendar with an external calendar, such as Google or Outlook, but it does give you the option to perform selected workouts on an individual or recurring basis.
  • Searchability. AcaciaTV's search function is more helpful than some other online fitness service searches, making it easy to sort videos by exercise type, trainer, fitness level, equipment, time available, themes (for instance, a five-day booty program), and goal.

What Could Be Improved

There are only two things that stood out as areas for improvement:

  • Larger or Better Servers. Even with extremely fast Internet service. AcaciaTV has problems with their videos buffering or appearing "sticky" rather than smooth. It's not the video quality that's the problem, and it's not Internet speed, so it's most likely AcaciaTV's servers that aren't quite up to delivering the content smoothly. An upgrade to their servers would help this problem immensely.
  • Longer Programs. While AcaciaTV has great individual workouts and a few short-term programs, it would be wonderful if they would organize their videos into longer-term programs or use their trainers to create new, longer series for participants to follow. Grokker and FitnessBlender offer longer programs, which is very appealing to individuals who want to see specific changes over time.

    The Takeaway

    At just under $7 per month, there's certainly no harm in trying out AcaciaTV to see if you like what they have to offer, especially since they provide a risk-free 10-day trial to test-drive the service before you buy. With high-quality instruction and a wide range of workout formats, it's a good solution for those who want to skip the expense of a gym membership. It's also worth noting that you can try a number of their videos for free due to their partnership with SparkPeople TV. The videos offered free are shorter​—typically 15 minutes or less—but you can stack them back-to-back for a longer routine. 

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