Acne-Fighting Skin Care Tips for Busy New Moms

Whether you've been battling breakouts your whole life or you developed acne after having your baby (postpartum acne is normal!) acne really sucks.  You know to get it cleared up it's important to maintain a regular skin care routine.  But if you're a busy mom, it's tough enough to even get in a shower, let alone take care of your skin.

Maybe you've just brought a newborn home, or you're chasing around an energetic three-year-old, or both!  I've got some extra-super-quick-and-simple tips that will help you clear your acne.  I call it the busy mom skin care routine.

Go "bare bones" with your skin care.

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Simplify, simplify, simplify. 

Do you really need the toner, serum, mask, eye and lip treatments?  No!  (At least not right now.  Or every single day.) 

All you really need is a daily cleansing  (twice is better, but take what you can get), application of your acne treatment and a moisturizer if your skin feels dry. 

Total time for this entire routine: about two minutes.

Simplify Your Acne Treatment Routine

Don't skip your acne treatments.

One thing you don't want to skimp on, though, is your acne treatment.  Skip them too often and you'll never see the results you want, because their effects tend to be cumulative.

Having a certain time that you always use your acne treatments makes it easier to remember them.  Like right after putting baby down for the mid-morning nap, or immediately after brushing your teeth.

Never Forget Your Treatments Again with These Tricks

Make your cleansing bar do double-duty.

Only have time to squeeze in a quick shower?  Save time by using an all-over cleansing bar rather than a separate facial cleanser. 

Just put a gentle bar soap (like Dove or Neutrogena) in your shower.  Use that all over, even on your face.  It’s one step and it’s easy.

Pre-moistened facial wipes are a busy mom's best friend.

Facial cleansing cloths are a lot like baby wipes, but they're meant for the face.  They have a lot of things going for them: they're easy to use, and can remove dirt, oil and makeup (wait... you put on makeup today?  You go, girl!)

But the best thing is, because no sink is needed, you can use them anywhere.  Like lounging on the couch while the baby plays on the floor.  Or in bed, just before you zonk out.

You'll still want to use a cleanser and warm water to get your skin really clean.  But for the interim, these are a real lifesaver (or, skin-saver.)  

A quick wipe-down and your skin is ready for an application of your acne treatment.

Turn your nightstand into a mini skin care station.

At night, I'm sometimes so dead tired I literally can't drag my butt into the bathroom for my cleanse-treat-moisturize routine.  The call of a warm bed is just too strong.

But having a few skin essentials on my nightstand is a good alternative.  Not only does it remind me that I haven't applied acne treatment yet, it nags me into doing at least something for my skin.  And something is always better than nothing.

So, try stocking your nightstand with pre-moistened facial wipes, a tube of your acne treatment (prescription or over-the-counter) and an oil-free moisturizer.  You can do a speedy cleanse and treat in bed, just before drifting off.

One warning -- treatments with benzoyl peroxide bleach out anything that it comes in contact with.  So, if you're applying it literally right before your head hits the pillow it's likely to stain your bedding and PJs.  Use white linens or bedding and pajamas you wouldn't mind if they stained, not your nicest set. 

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