Acne Free 24-Hour Severe Acne Clearing System Review

Acne Free 24 Hour Severe Acne Clearing System Review
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Acne Free Severe Acne 24 Hour Clearing System is an all-inclusive acne treatment kit available over the counter.

The kit includes 4 treatment products:

Anti-Acne Cleansing Wash (step 1) to use twice daily, morning and night.

Corrective Toner (step 2) to use twice daily, morning and night.

Maximum Strength Repair Lotion (step 3) to apply in the morning only.

Retinol Complex (step 4) to apply at night only.

Although the name states "severe acne clearing system," over-the-counter acne treatments are really only effective for mild acne. Severe acne treatment is best left to medical professionals.

Active Ingredient

Benzoyl peroxide (2.5% in the cleanser, 10% in the treatment lotion)


The price of this kit ranges from about $25 to $30, depending on where you purchase it.

Where You Can Find It

This kit can be found at your local drug stores as well as big box stores like Target and Walmart.


  • It's an inexpensive alternative to other over-the-counter acne treatment kits.
  • It takes the guesswork out of choosing acne treatment products – they’re all included for you.
  • The products are fairly gentle, and work without the burning and stinging that accompanies many acne treatment products.


  • Buyer beware!  Despite the name, this isn't a treatment for severe acne. See a dermatologist instead.
  • The Maximum Strength Repair lotion (step 3) leaves your skin feeling sticky for several minutes, until it's completely dry.
  • Retinol Complex (step 4) feels a bit oily when it's first applied.
  • You can't easily purchase each step individually. If you need more of one step, you have to buy the entire kit again.

Full Review: Acne Free 24 Hour Severe Acne Clearing System

I think complete acne treatment kits like this one are the greatest thing since sliced bread.

And, judging by the popularity of a certain acne treatment program (which shall remain nameless) everyone else thinks they're pretty cool too.

There's a reason why these acne treatment programs are so incredibly popular. These three-step and four-step programs often use a myriad of different treatment ingredients that treat acne breakouts in different ways, so the results are generally better than if you were to use just one OTC product alone.

The kit contains four products: a cleanser, a toner, and two treatment lotions (one to use in the morning and one to use at night). So although the kit contains four steps, you're only using three steps at one time.

As for a total program, I really liked this kit. It takes the guesswork out of choosing OTC acne treatment products. Sure, you could buy a cleanser, toner, and treatment lotion separately yourself, but having everything you need in one box makes it ultra-easy.

The products themselves are nothing fancy, but they do contain proven acne-fighting ingredients. Both the Anti-Acne Cleansing Wash and the Maximum Strength Repair Lotion contain benzoyl peroxide, which reduces the amount of acne-causing bacteria on the skin.

The Corrective Toner and Retinol Complex both contain ingredients that help speed up cell turnover rates.

Glycolic acid (in the toner) and retinol (in the complex lotion) help unblock pores and keep them clear.

I loved the way these products made my skin feel – super soft and smooth. They are surprisingly gentle, though. I didn't have problems with dryness or peeling, and felt just the slightest tingle when applying the products.

Even though I was super happy with the results I got with this product, it isn't perfect. The Maximum Strength Repair Lotion leaves the skin feeling slightly tacky after application. The feeling subsides after a few minutes, once the lotion has dried completely.

The Retinol Complex, on the other hand, feels greasy.

Again, after a few minutes it absorbs, but there's still that "yuck factor" until it does so.

Another problem – I'd invariably run out of step three before anything else. You can't buy the steps separately (although I did find some on places like Amazon and eBay, but for a ton of money.) If you run out of one before you use up the others, you’re stuck buying another entire kit.

And, I had some issues with the name. Over-the-counter products are not effective treatments for severe acne, so I find the "Severe Acne" label terribly misleading. Severe acne should always be treated by a dermatologist. As good as this product is, it’s not going to clear up serious forms of acne.

The "24 hour" is, in my opinion, a bit misleading too. AcneFree says it's because it works for 24 hours.  But most people I asked thought it meant you'll see results in 24 hours. And no treatment works that fast.

Still, for mild (and possibly moderate) acne, this kit is a good buy. It's a fabulous alternative if you don't want to commit to monthly shipments of another acne treatment program.