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Baby shower games are important for most baby showers as a way to get people talking, laughing, and, in general, having fun. However, most of the baby shower games we play are very sedate and simple, usually done from your seat. Certainly there are a few classic games that require a bit more movement, like how many sheets of toilet paper fit around the mother-to-be. But beyond that...

So, here are some games to play that are a bit more active.

They can be perfect for an indoor or outdoor baby shower. They also work really well for co-ed baby showers.

Baby Carrier Relay

This is a fun take on the average relay game. You will have at least two teams, depending on the number of guests, and at least 3-4 members on each team. The goal is to have the participant load a diaper bag, put on a baby carrier, load the baby, and "race" to the other participant as  quickly as possible. You go through the same thing with each team member until all team members have completed the challenge, or another team finishes first.

What You'll Need for Each Team:

  • diaper bag
  • baby carrier
  • baby doll
  • Items for the diaper bag should be equal in number (ex: diapers, wipes, book, blanket, clothes, toiletries, changing pad, etc.)

Baby Stroller Relay

This is another fun, physical relay to try at a baby shower. This one is a bit more straight forward, you have an obstacle course and a stroller.

You again have teams of 3-4 people. Each person must open a closed stroller, run the course, and return and break down the stroller. Baby strollers are notorious for being able to open and close quickly and efficiently, so this usually ensures that there will be a lot of laughs. The obstacle course can be as difficult or simple as you want it to be.

You might even have stations along the course – think things like: baby needs a diaper change, or to be fed, or something along those lines. You can also have them draw cards at various stops to do different things, not related to baby really: recite a nursery rhyme, sing a lullaby, etc. The first team to finish wins.

What You'll Need for Each Team:

  • stroller in working order
  • obstacles for the course
  • cards or challenges

Baby Scavenger Hunt

This one has a lot of options, but the basic facts are that you will take a group of people, again, at least two teams, with multiple people on each team. This might be two couples in a co-ed shower. You can choose to hold this in the community, such as at a mall, or not place limits, other than time, and just have people meet at one place to get their lists, and return by a certain time, when the real party will ensue. If you are holding it within a house, your options are more limited, but it can still be done.

Things you might have people look for on this scavenger hunt could include:

  • something in which you could carry a baby (legally)
  • blanket for the baby
  • something with which to diaper a baby
  • one-piece outfit (bonus prize for the most outrageous one)
  • something you'd gift a new mom
  • something to aid a partner in parenting
  • video taped best advice from a stranger
  • signature of someone who might be a good babysitter, bonus points for photo
  • picture of a place to play with baby
  • picture of baby's first solid food
  • something from nature to inspire a baby name

The list is really endless. This should not be about who spends money. Photos should be acceptable. Consider even having them email their "finds" to a special email address set up for the event. 

IKEA Style Baby Nursery

This would be harder to do, but consider having everyone bring a tool box and separate the teams on various pieces of furniture.

Let them actually build the nursery!

These games certainly aren't your usual fare for a baby shower, but I hope you can see how they would be fun. Think outside the box for your next baby shower!

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