7 Active Dates to Build Muscle as a Couple

Plan an Active Date with your spouse to build muscle.
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You might think romance means an intimate candlelit dinner for two, or a vacation getaway with your toes in the sand, but building muscle with your spouse or significant other can be just as romantic.

Active dates are a shared experience. Just think of all of the benefits. You get the connection that comes from working on a shared goal together. You get to spend quality time as a couple while you both improve your body and invest in your long-term health.

Active dates give you more energy and make you feel good about you. Let’s face it, confidence and muscle are sexy. I think sweat is sexy. And don’t forget, the more muscle you have, the more calories you are burning when you are cuddled up on the couch.

Partner up and try one of our seven active date ideas to build muscle with your spouse.  

  1. Run a Race Together. If you sign up for a local 5K, you have an active planned date ready to roll on your calendar. Seeing that scheduled date will give you plenty of time to find a sitter if you have little kiddos. Plus, you can use the prep for the race as opportunities to lace up those sneaks and go jogging together. Working toward the same goal can give you a sense of connection, accountability and it’s just plain fun. Build stronger bones and get a healthy glow (like the glow you had when you first met). Decide ahead of time if you are going to run the 5K together and jog across the finish line in step, or have some playful fun with a little healthy competition.
  1. Go to Muscle Pump Class. The cool thing about muscle-building classes is that they are typically offered throughout the day—in the wee morning hours, midday and after work. So sync your schedules and find a class time that works for both of your calendars. Lift weights, squat, lunge and plank on your next date. You can cheer each other on and practice challenging moves at home together. Consider making it a weekly muscle-up date. Now you can check one of your strength training workouts for the week off your list.
  1. Do a Plank Challenge. Combine your core work with together time by doing a plank challenge. If you are still mastering the basic plank, see how long you can each hold a regular ‘ol plank. You can even do it as you watch a favorite TV show at night.
  2. Spin Together. Intense music and a dark room set the stage for this date. Take a spin class together and improve your muscle tone by increasing the tension on your bike. Spin to tone up core muscles, quads, glutes, and calves. Spin classes also help alleviate stress, and that can benefit any relationship. Enjoy the post-class euphoric boost; it’s the perfect mood to keep your active date going.
  3. Do Yoga Together. Roll out your mats and take a hot yoga class with your special other half. Bikram yoga is done at upwards of 105 degrees, so get ready for this date to get hot. If you’d rather try some yoga moves at home, partner poses are a fun way to connect. Work your body and your communication skills at the same time. If you don’t think yoga is a strength builder, think again. You can really become a power couple with yoga!
  1. Hit the Mountain Biking Trails.  What’s better than a date out in nature? Hit the mountain biking trails with your spouse for fun, excitement, challenge, and conversation. Mountain biking is a great alternative for building muscle together at the gym. Work your legs—hamstrings, quads, glutes, and calves. Tackle some challenging terrain and feel the burn. This is another way to build strength that will leave you with a sense of accomplishment and exhilaration once you are finished. Stop at scenic points along the way and snap some photos.
  2. Rock Climb. Add a little adventure on your next date. Go to a rock-climbing center and conquer a rock wall to burn calories and practice trust. Most big cities have indoor rock climbing venues that welcome both first-timers and experienced climbers. Or if you are lucky enough to live in an area with mountains, get out there on the trail. Rock climbing is a total body strength workout calling upon leg muscles, glutes, core and upper body muscles.  Whether you are indoors or out, it’s smart to use the buddy system and this challenge will bring you closer together.  

Put the romance in your dates by getting active together. Working toward meaningful goals like improving your health and fitness as a couple, is super romantic. Skip sitting on your next date. Make your next date an active one and muscle it up.

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