Activities for the Month of August

Six Articles to Jumpstart Your August Activities

Here is a hub of articles for your August activity program.

Part One, Don't Put Your Foot in Your Mouth

I Get a Kick Out of You. Stockbyte

August is (are you ready for this?) National Foot Health Month. So I needed a song related to that, sort of, and I came up with this classic figuring you need healthy feet in order to give someone a good swift kick! The song is "I Get a Kick Out of You."

  1. Play the song and ask residents if they ever gave any one a good solid kick in the butt for something (or at least imagined wanting to do that.)
  2. Bring in a local podiatrist to conduct a foot screening.
  3. Here are some foot facts.

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Part Two, Of Sea, Surf, Boardwalks and Romance

Atlantic City's Boardwalk. John Cardasis

Some Enchanted Evening

When my friends and I went to the seashore back in our day circa mid 1970’s, let’s face it, we were looking for romance. Our hope was that any given night would be the night when you met someone special. As the heart of the summer is upon you in August, you may be looking to meet someone special on “Some Enchanted Evening.”

  1. Play the song.
  2. South Pacific is a play written with music by Richard Rodgers and lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II that opened on Broadway on April 7, 1949, and ran for more than five years. It is generally considered to be one of the greatest musicals of all time and a number of its songs, such as Bali Ha'i, Younger than Springtime, and Some Enchanted Evening, have become worldwide standards. It was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1950. The play is based upon two short stories by James A. Michener from his book Tales of the South Pacific, which itself was the winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1948.
  3. Rent or buy the movie and play for residents.

Under the Boardwalk......

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Part Three, Beyond the Sea - Exploring Other Locales in the Summer

Bobby Darin
Bobby Darin goes Beyond the Sea. Getty Images

Beyond the Sea

When I was a kid….. You’ve heard those laments before. Well when I was a kid we were lucky if we able to go from south Philadelphia to Wildwood, New Jersey for our annual two week vacation. Now kids go everywhere it seems. No longer content with just the local hot spot, kids are boarding planes going all kinds of places. So in this song we are going “Beyond the Sea” to perhaps an exotic island for our summer vacation.

  1. Play the song.
  2. Beyond the Sea was a hit for Bobbie Darin. Here is some history. Bobby Darin (May 14, 1936 – December 20, 1973) was born Walden Robert Cassotto and was one of the most popular rock and roll American teen idols of the late 1950s.


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Part 4, Of Cadillacs and Colorado

Pink Cadillac
Pink Cadillac. Grant Faint

Pink Cadillac

Cadillac Day is August 21!

  1. Play the song Pink Cadillac.
  2. Have some local antique buffs display their Cadillac’s and other cars at your facility.
  3. Have a Cadillac dealer drive some new models over for residents to see.
  4. Take able residents for a spin.
  5. Cadillac was formed by the Henry Ford Company upon Henry Ford's departure. With the intent of liquidating the firm's assets, Ford's financial backers, William Murphy and Lemuel Bowen called in engineer Henry M. Leland to appraise the plant and equipment prior to selling them. Instead, Leland persuaded them to continue in the automobile business. Henry Ford's departure required a new name, and on August 22, 1902, the company reformed as the Cadillac Automobile Company.


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Part 5, Chilling Out, Listening to Music, and Dancing

Put another nickel in...... Russell Knight

Nice and Easy

National U.S. Relaxation Day is August 15. Really!

  1. Chill out.
  2. OK, you can’t chill. Help your residents to chill then. OK, I know, if they were any more relaxed they would be…. Don’t go there. Instead, introduce them to some alternative ways to relax. Have someone come in and demonstrate yoga or teach meditation.
  3. Pamper the staff and yourself by having someone come in and do your nails. Or have someone come in and provide massage services. You can probably convince someone to come in and provide these at no charge as a loss leader to acquire additional business from residents and other staff.
  4. People relax in many ways. How do your and did your residents like to relax? Was it knitting, fishing, bowling. Organize activities around how they like to relax. If possible, make these excursions that you can take.
  5. Play the Frank Sinatra song!


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Part 6, Of Romance and Friendship

Kenny Rogers
Kenny Rogers. Jason Davis


August is Romance Awareness Month. One of my favorite artists that has recorded many a romance song is Kenny Rogers who was born August 21, 1938.

  1. Play the song.
  2. While this month is somewhat contrived, why not play along? Here are some tips for YOU not the residents. They are reprinted from an online article by Leona Hamel. She is a Romance Agent, speaker, and coach with Romance Unlimited.

    August is Romance Awareness Month - 10 Tips to Start Your Own Heat Wave! 

    In her book The ABC’s of Tease & Please – A Romance Handbook, Hamel’s “sexy persona” LouLou L’Amour writes, “A relationship can never have too much romance.” Unfortunately, there are those (you know who you are) who have become perhaps a little too comfortable with their partner, taking them for granted. And let’s not forget those who revolve their lives around their jobs. “Now is the time to make time for your relationship … before there is no relationship,” advises Hamel.

    Here are some teasing and pleasing tips from LouLou to help inspire you to create your own expressions of love, and keep your relationship hot and sunny all of August and longer! These might be fun to read to residents to see their reaction.


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Be Creative

These articles are just a starting point. Use your imagination to think of many more and better, tell us about them so we can tell others. Thanks.

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