8 Activities that Will Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Teen

Find activities to bond with your teen.
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While most parents have likely heard about the benefits of eating dinner with kids, family meals aren’t the only way to bond with a teen. Doing a variety of activities together can be the key to strengthening your relationship.

While heart-to-heart conversations can be helpful, most teens aren't interested in intense conversations about their emotions. So rather than trying to force your teen to talk, get him involved in activities that may naturally spark interesting conversation.

Here are eight ways to start strengthening your relationship with your teen today:

1. Ask Your Teen to Teach You Something

Invite your teen to teach you something new. Whether your teen wants to show you how to beat the latest video game, or he wants to show you how to fly a remote control helicopter, allowing your teen to be the teacher can do wonders for your relationship. Show a genuine interest in learning and practice being a good student. 

2. Learn Something New Together

Embarking on a new learning experience together is another great way to create fun memories. Pick something out of the ordinary – perhaps a cake decorating class or photography lessons – and you'll learn new things about yourselves and each other. Learning can give you an opportunity to bond as you expand your knowledge and skills together.

3. Plan an Experience Together

The best way to grow closer is to spend time together.

And the good news is, the planning process can be a major part of the bonding process. Mark the calendar for a day-long adventure or an overnight trip and spend time researching and planning how you’ll spend your time. Working together to create a fun experience can give you something to look forward to and the time you spend together will create lifelong memories.

4. Start a Family Business

Working together on a common goal, like creating a successful small business, can be one of the best ways to strengthen a relationship. A small business doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. A simple small business could involve anything from making crafts to sell online to helping your teen set up a summer lawn mowing business.

5. Volunteer as a Family

There are plenty of volunteer opportunities that help you strengthen your relationship while also helping the community. You could sign up for a single fundraiser or you could commit to a weekly service project. Find something that fits your schedule and will give you and your teen an opportunity to work together.

6. Start a Garden

There’s something therapeutic about working in a garden. Planting seeds, caring for plants as they grow, and harvesting vegetables can be a great way to bond with your teen. A garden gives you tangible proof that your efforts have paid off and it’s a great way to get outside and away from the electronics.

7. Communicate Via Social Media

While electronics can sometimes pose a barrier to having a healthy relationship with your teen, there are some ways to use technology to your advantage.

Use social media as a way to communicate with your teen at times. Perhaps you want to check-in when your teen is out with friends or maybe you just want to say hello from the office. There’s evidence that says communicating with your teen over social media can improve your communication in real life.

8. Do Something Unexpected

Many families get caught up in a daily routine that grows so predictable it becomes mundane. Decide to mix things up once in a while by doing something unexpected and exciting. Keep your eye out for adventure and be willing to be spontaneous. Having fun with your teen creates lifelong memories and strengthens your relationship.


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