Activity Planner: Fun Fall Activities to Keep Teens Busy

Fun Autumn Recipes, Crafts and Activities for Teens

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Keeping teens busy is important and having fun while learning new things is just as important. Explore this 12-week planner that includes a variety fun activities that any teen will enjoy.

A Fun Experience for Teens and Families

The fall activity planner is filled with ideas that your teen can do on their own or with family and friends. Each activity includes resources and tips for completing it.

Teens learn from experience and parents can use these activities to strengthen the family bond while having a great time.

Each week has four different types of activities:

  • Make This: A fun recipe that gets teens into the kitchen. They will learn how to make their own food, follow recipes and get to enjoy the fruits of their labor.
  • Learn How: A useful activity that teaches teens how to do a particular task. These are great lessons that will be valuable as they grow into young adults.
  • Get Out and Go: Fall is filled with things to do and these suggestions will get teens out of the house to enjoy fun events with family and friends.
  • Craft This: Fun and simple crafts that teens will enjoy making for themselves and friends.

Fun Fall Activities for Teens: Week One

Friends sitting around fire toasting marshmallows
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Make This: A Campfire Snack

Have a taste of campfire fun for the end of summer and beginning of fall by making s'mores or roasting marshmallows.

Enjoy the sticky, gooey snack with friends and share your favorite campfire stories or try a Banana Boat. Yum!

Learn How: Organize a Yard Sale

The end of summer is a fabulous time to have a yard sale. Get rid of the old so you'll have more money for the new!

Sell fresh lemonade at your table to attract even more customers.

Get Out and Go: Camping Trip

Camp at a place you have never been or in your backyard. It doesn't matter where! Just enjoy a night out in a tent before the weather gets too cold.

Camping Resources:

Craft This: Knot Keychain

Knot tying is addictive and fun. Once they learn the knot, teens really like these projects. This key chain is made with an ancient Chinese knot called a snake knot. 

Learn how to make the snake knot keychain...

More Snake Knot Projects:

Fun Fall Activities for Teens: Week Two

Mother and daughter in the kitchen
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Make This: Family Snack Mix

Hungry teens will love this quick recipe that will last all week in an air-tight container. The after school snack mix is filled with the entire family's favorite snacks and is completely customizable. 

Let's taste your family snack mix...

More Snack Mixes:

Learn How: Organize Your School Calendar

Write your school holiday schedule on the family calendar.

Tip: Organize it by posting upcoming school events and star days off when you may want to plan something special to do.

Get Out and Go: School Shopping

Be sure to check this year's fashion trends before heading out to the mall and buying your new school clothes. Look for sales on the year's favorite finds or window shop.

Tip: Be sure to take note of what you like. The holidays are right around the corner and your favorite aunt is going to ask what you want.

Craft This: Jean Book Cover

Were you thinking of throwing out last year's blue jeans? Stop right there! Recycle them into this fun and funky book cover.

Learn how to make a blue jean book cover...

Discover More:

Fun Fall Activities for Teens: Week Three

Mature Mother teaching her teenage Son how to bake
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Make This: Pizza Bread Sticks

Can pizza be made any more snackable? If it's made into bread sticks it can! 

Teens love eating these pizza bread sticks and they are super easy to make.

Tip: Try serving them with a cheese or red sauce dip.

More Pizza Recipes:

Learn How: Get the Best Reads First (for Free!)

Explore this year's top books in Goodreads young adult section.

  • Set up an account and save books you want to read and mark off those you read over the summer.
  • Explore the new releases for the year.
  • Connect with your friends and other teens and get recommendations for books.
  • Stop by the local library and check the books out or download them onto your tablet using the library's digital service (that's the free part!).

If the library doesn't have the title you are looking for, ask the librarian when they expect it and if you can reserve it. The library will give you a call or email when it is ready for pick up.

Get Out and Go: Support the Team

Attend a school football, field hockey or soccer game. Wear the school colors, paint your face and get ready to show your team spirit!

Craft This: Locker Notepad

Create your own notepad that sticks to the side of your school locker and holds a pen. It is a very cool school craft!

Learn how to make a locker notepad...

Discover More: 

Fun Fall Activities for Teens: Week Four

Teenage girl slicing apple
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Make This: Apples and Cream Cheese Dip

Enjoy the fresh fruit of the season with this creamy dip. It is another recipe that is perfect as an after school snack and it can be prepared ahead of time.

Get the Apples and Cream Cheese Dip recipe...

More Apple Recipes:

Learn How: Seasonal Social Media Look

Add a seasonal flare to your personal profiles on whatever social media website you are using right now. Use autumn colors, falling leaves and a picture of your new school look.

Get Out and Go: Get Lost in a Corn Maze

It is as much fun to get lost in one of these mazes as it is to find your way through. It is a fun family activity that challenges your problem-solving skills.

Check your local listings to find a corn maze near you.

Craft This: Leaf T-Shirt

This is a wonderful T-shirt project for camping trips and outdoor youth group activities. Older teens can handle doing much of this on their own, but preteens will need the help of an adult.

Fun Fall Activities for Teens: Week Five

Bananas on a Cutting Board
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Make This: Banana Wraps

Easy to make, delicious and healthy. This snack recipe is perfect for after school and should keep your teen full until dinner.

Get the recipe for banana wraps...

More Recipes:

Learn How: Discover Your Style

Cleaning your room will never be more fun! Discover your personal decorating style and find cool new items to make yourself or find at the local bargain stores.

Get Out and Go: Plan a Party

Autumn is filled with great parties. Use this week to start planning the ultimate harvest party or Halloween party.

Craft This: DIY Lip Gloss

Create your own personal flavor of lip glass and give it a seasonal flair.

Use this quick and easy recipe to make an apple cinnamon lip gloss.

Fun Fall Activities for Teens: Week Six

Cheese Spread on Whole Wheat Cracker
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Make This: Stack it on a Cracker

What will you put on your cracker?This is a wonderful alternative to school lunch.

Simply ask your friends to bring different items to school and pack everything cut-to-size. Have fun making and eating the crazy crackers with your friends. It is a mini-party in the café!

How to 'Stack it on a Cracker'...

Learn How: Send a Family Newsletter

Create a family newsletter to send to your whole family either through email or snail mail.

People will appreciate hearing how your family is doing, what you have been up to and see photos from recent family events.

Get Out and Go: Babysit

Do you know a single mom or parents of a young kid who could use a break and a night out? Offer to babysit for free!

Volunteering doesn't have to be with an organization and it can mean a lot when it is someone you know.

Craft This: Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets are fun to make and a great gift for your best friend.

Learn how to make a friendship bracelet...

Fun Fall Activities for Teens: Week Seven

Green Juice Pour from Pitcher into Glass
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Make This: Slime Juice

Now that Halloween is approaching, it is time to get a little creepy! This homemade Slime juice is both slimy and nutritious and it is a fun Halloween breakfast drink.

Get the Slime Juice drink recipe...

Discover More: 

Learn How: Backyard Cemetary

Turn your backyard into a creepy graveyard and start planning some spooky tricks you can play in every corner of your own Halloween grave site.

Get Out and Go: Join a Club

School clubs are starting to get active and they still take new members.

Do you find that you want something more to do with your after-school time? If so, join a new school club or invite someone new to a club you are already in.

Craft This: Beaded Earrings

Wear the season on your ears. Learn how to make falling leaves earrings. They are so cute!

Fun Fall Activities for Teens: Week Eight

Grandmother and granddaughters making fresh jam in kitchen
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Make This: Frightening Fingers

Create goodie bags with two of the best Halloween candies of all time! These Frightening Fingers are sure to put a scare in anyone who is not paying close attention.

This is straight candy, so prepare for the spooky sugar rush in teens.

Discover More: 

Learn How: Create a Spooky Playlist

Use your favorite music service to discover and create a spooky song list to keep you in the Halloween spirit.

Tip: Save the playlist on your favorite device and share the creepiness with friends!

Get Out and Go: Take a Walk (and Bring a Friend)

Some of the world's biggest discoveries are right in your own backyard and the fresh autumn air will make you happier. Take a walk around your neighborhood and bring a friend or your pet.

Tip: Map out what is close enough to your home that is within walking distance and go there more often.

Craft This: Halloween Bookmark

Every teen needs a bookmark and they are very easy to make. Once you figure out this simple pattern, you will be making the for all of your friends.

Learn how to make a braided Halloween bookmark...

Fun Fall Activities for Teens: Week Nine

Dried cranberries
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Make This: Blackheads and Scabs

A fun, simple and nutritious Halloween snack, teens will love serving this creepy treat to friends.

Learn the secret recipe for Blackheads and Scabs...

Discover More: 

Get Out and Go: Community Events

Check out your community's events list for the fall and attend an event, local concert or fair. Choose something you have not been to before and enjoy the new experience.

You may want to see if any groups need volunteers for young children events too.

Craft This: Friendship Pins

There are many patterns  available for friendship pins. Be sure to check out the Halloween pin patterns too.

Tip: Ask a group of friends over and make them together. 

Fun Fall Activities for Teens: Week Ten

Multi-generation family in kitchen
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Make This: Old Family Favorites

Talk to your grandparents or parents and learn about your family's ancestry and where they first immigrated to America from. Explore the culture, including its food.

Choose a recipe, either an old family favorite or one from that international cuisine, and make it on your own. It doesn't have to be a whole meal, try a dessert or snack- first.

Learn How: Organize Your Favorites

Staying organized will help you find important things when needed. It makes using the computer or your favorite device easier to use.

Take some time to organize your favorite links and bookmarks. Add a folder for homework help sites or for your new interest.

Get Out and Go: Go for a Hayride

Check out your local listing and look for hayride offerings at local farms. Organize a group event with your youth group or school club.

Craft This: Bath Salts

Bath salts make a taking a bath relaxing and they are very easy to make yourself! They can be customized with whatever scent you like.

Learn how to make these Autumn Peach Bath Salts...

Fun Fall Activities for Teens: Week Eleven

Young woman spreading tomato sauce on pizza dough
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Make This: Taffy Apple Pizza

Candy apples on pizza, does life get any better than this? Seasonal fruit makes this recipe a hit with teens and it is full of sticky taffy. Did we mention the cookie crust? Yum!

Get the Taffy Apple Pizza recipe...

Learn How: Fold a Napkin

Impress your family at the dinner table with a fancy folded napkin. It is fun, easy and a skill you will find useful for years to come.

Get Out and Go: Catch a Fall Flick

Fall tends to be the time that really good movies come out in the theaters. Gather the entire family and catch a great movie.

Craft This: Tree Sketch

The great thing about practicing your drawing skills with a tree is that anyone can do it! There are so many shapes and styles of trees to use as inspiration for your sketch. The falling leaves of autumn are fun to capture as well.

Fun Fall Activities for Teens: Week Twelve

Apple cider and cider donuts
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Make This: Hot Apple Cider

This is a fall classic that can be enjoyed with the whole family on a brisk evening. It is very easy to make.

Get the recipe for Hot Apple Cider...

Learn How: To Thank Someone Formally

Write a formal thank you note to someone who has helped you in the recent past. This means a lot to the person who receives it and is a good habit you can use throughout your life.

Get Out and Go: Catch Another Fall Flick (with Friends)

Last week was family night at the movies. This time, it is all about friends!Call some friends and go to the movies together as a group. 

Craft This: Dress Up the Table

You have learned how to fold a napkin, now it is time to create table bling. Make beaded napkin rings to dress up your family's holiday table.

Learn how to make beaded napkin rings...

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