Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL) Symptoms

A Word About Acute lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL) Symptoms:

While reading this, keep in mind that the symptoms of ALL can also be symptoms of many other ailments. Only a doctor can make a correct diagnosis. Just like many other cancers, some people may not experience the same symptoms listed. This symptoms of ALL listed here are general and the most commonly experienced.


Fatigue associated with cancer is consistent and persistent.

When a person is fatigued, they are tired, and generally have a lack of energy.


A person with ALL may experience a fever that is not associated with another ailment like the flu or other type of infection or virus. Any fever that lasts more than 7 days need to be evaluated by a doctor, even if it's the only symptom experienced.

Easy Bruising and/or Bleeding:

This is one of the more common symptoms associated with ALL. If you notice you are bruising or bleeding easily, report it to your doctor.

Weight Loss:

Any type of unintentional weight loss needs to be evaluated by a doctor. You may welcome the weight loss without trying, but it could indicate an illness.

Pain in the Joints:

This type of pain or soreness can occur in any joints of the body.

Pinpoint Red Marks on Skin:

Pinpoint sized red marks on the skin is a condition called petechiae. This basically means you are bleeding in the skin.

These red spots may appear single or in clusters. Although this is a symptom of ALL, it is also the symptom of many other conditions.

If You Are Experiencing These Symptoms:

Please see your doctor if you are experiencing these symptoms. Although more than likely ,it is not ALL, it could be another condition that requires treatment.


Created: 03/03/2006
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