Review of the ADD Crusher™ Instructional Video Series 1- 5

Created by Alan Brown

Alan Brown who developed the ADD Crusher™ series and presents the material in the videos is engaging, fun, and relatable as he leads viewers through focused, practical strategies to use to gain better control over ADHD..

Actively educating yourself about attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and the unique ways it impacts your life is an essential step in finding the treatment strategies that work for you. Successfully managing ADHD takes time. It requires an understanding about ADHD and an active involvement on your part in order for positive changes to take place.

Books have traditionally provided the most comprehensive and detailed information about ADHD.

Many people turn to books for increasing their knowledge about ADHD and learning about the most effective treatment approaches for managing ADHD symptoms.

For many adults with ADHD, however, the process of reading a book can be quite frustrating. The inattention, distractibility, and restlessness of ADHD itself can make efforts at reading, focusing, comprehending and absorbing the information futile. Having the information presented in a different way can often make a huge difference.

ADD Crusher™ Instructional Video Series (Ways 1-5)

The ADD Crusher™ instructional video series offers an innovative, dynamic approach for adults struggling with ADHD. Alan Brown who developed the ADD Crusher™ series and presents the material in the videos is engaging, fun, and relatable as he leads viewers through focused, practical strategies to use to gain better control over ADHD.

The videos keep you engaged with clever, entertaining visuals combined with Brown's charismatic personality.

Brown targets the most common and debilitating issues associated with ADHD including organization, time management, and motivation.

The videos are streamed (rather than hard DVDs), so they can be viewed anytime and anywhere Internet access is available. Information is presented in concise, digestible ways.

Each video in the series is 10 minutes or less in length.

Though there is a lot of information given, it never feels overwhelming. In fact, making positive changes feels quite doable because Brown breaks down the strategies into workable steps. The goal of the curriculum is to help you form new habits and ways of thought so that you can move forward in a positive direction.

The series is made to watch multiple times so that strategies are practiced again and again and new habits are reinforced. Action steps are presented at the end of each video to help you not only individualize strategies, but also actively incorporate teachings into day-to-day life. In addition, audio companions and worksheet tools are provided.

Content Covered

The series is laid out in a practical sequence that begins with basic, but extremely important and often overlooked strategies that form the foundation of positive change. Once this necessary base is built chances of success with the additional strategies are strengthened.

Brown visually presents the strategies in a pyramid shape with the following videos forming the base:

  • Way 1: Feed Your Brain - addresses small changes that give you immediate results and increase the impact of everything that will follow
  • Way 2: Get A Nagging Desire - guides you in identifying a source of motivation that won't wear off in a week
  • Way 3: Shut Up You Mind - helps you understand how to power up your mind by quieting it down

The next strategies in video I address ways to mitigate classic ADHD difficulties.

  • Way 4: Crush Time Down to Size - ways to effectively slow down the clock
  • Way 5: Seeing Is Remembering - ways to stop losing and forgetting

ADD Crusher™ Instructional Video Series II (Ways 6 - 10)

ADD Crusher™ II (the second installment of the series) covers 5 more strategies related to personal productivity to enhance your effectiveness. Though I have not viewed these videos yet, I look forward to doing so!

  • Way 6: Consolidate, Automate, Delegate
  • Way 7: Attack the Tough Stuff Now
  • Way 8: Do What You're Doing Now
  • Way 9: Score Your Successes
  • Way 10: Get a Lateral Mindset

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