Adduction - Check Out These Adduction Exercises to Add to Your Routine

Woman doing inner thigh leg lift
Getty Images/Dave and Les Jacobs

There are lots of ways to describe exercises - Some are done in a certain plane of motion, for example when you do a lateral raise, that movement is in the frontal plane.  Another way we describe an exercise is by its actual movement.  

For example, abduction describes exercises that involve moving a limb away from the middle of the body, as in a side leg lift.

The opposite of that is bringing a limb towards the middle of the body, which we call adduction.

The Basics of Adduction

Adduction is one of those movements your body does all day long without you even being aware of it and some of these movements can be demanding.  Just some of these movements include:

  • Reaching across your body for your seatbelt
  • Tucking in your shirt
  • Washing your back
  • Scratching your back - The middle part that's so hard to reach
  • Bending over to pick something up
  • Putting a golf ball
  • Kicking a soccer ball
  • Hugging a tree
  • Pulling something down off a shelf
  • Squeezing your knees together when you have to go to the bathroom

The muscles you use for lower body hip movements are called, unsurprisingly, adductor muscles.  These very small muscles live around your inner thighs, giving your legs the strength and stability for a variety of movements.

How to Strengthen Your Adductor Muscles

Any solid strength training program should include training your adductors and, if you're lifting weights, you're probably already doing some of these exercises.


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