The Best Aden + Anais Baby Products

Aden + Anais has built a strong reputation on quality products for babies and parents. It all started with the classic muslin swaddling blanket. From there the Aden + Anasi product line has grown slowly but surely. Here are some of the best products they make for families.

Muslin Swaddling Blankets

Aden + Anasi Muslin Swaddle Blanket
Photo © Price Grabber

The muslin swaddle was the original Aden + Anais product. As its name claims, it was a great swaddling blanket. It was large but incredibly soft and light weight. This "magic" blanket seemed to keep my babies warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They were also great barriers for floor play when the little ones laid on the floor. Today, they are still in use and cover-ups on the couch, blankets for dolls and superhero capes. I also have a new pack of these blankets on hand to give one out as a gift for a new mom.

Dream Blanket

Aden + Anais Dream Blanket
Photo © Price Grabber

The Dream Blanket is soft, made with several layers of the famous muslin bound together at the edges. This is a great blanket for a toddler or to lay on the floor for baby to play. The thicker weight makes it a great stroller cover, even in the winter. My nearly four-year-old still loves this blanket and it's held up after countless washes, just as strong and soft as ever.

Mum + Bub Skin care Kit

Mum + Bub Kit
Photo © Aden + Anais

This skin care kit contains a collection of items for baby (or mom). It has an ultra gentle lotion, ointment, a washcloth and a combo hair + body wash. (You can also purchase these items separately.) All of the items are well suited for babies, but the real stand out product is the ointment, in my mind. That said, these other items are a great gift for a new mom or as a baby starter set.

Sleep Sack

Aden + Anais Sleep Sack
Photo © Price Grabber

This sleep sack is similar to other products, with one exception - the muslin fabric. This is so soft and wonderful and works well for baby too. The zipper is generous and yet has a safety clasp at the top so that baby can't get it undone. While it comes in girl or boy fashion prints, my favorite is the gender neutral goldfish - too cute!

Security Blankets

Aden + Anais Security Blanket
Photo © Price Grabber

These tiny versions of the muslin blankets are edged in satin. They are the perfect size for holding and snuggling and come in handy for drying tears. My nephew loves his so much so that his mom ordered extras after I gifted him some at birth. They are also adorable ways to wrap small gift items, like baby books.

Fitted Crib Sheets

Aden and Anais Crib Sheets
Photo © PriceGrabber

The Aden + Anais Fitted Crib Sheets are one of the best crib sheets I have ever used. I liked that I could put the crib sheet on alone and didn't require a lot of help. They also stayed put once on, despite a very active baby or toddler. They held up well in the wash and were super soft.

DayDream Blanket

Daydream Blanket by Aden + Anais
Photo © PriceGrabber

This is a bit different from other products from Aden + Anais, it's for adults. This is a part of their collection in the Home section of their website. This is very much like the baby version of the Dream Blanket, but it's made with four layers of bamboo. It is one of the softest things I have ever touched. The only part that is a bit disappointing is that the print, on the top side only, is slightly rougher than the bamboo. (I'm really crazy picky, most people with whom I've shared the blanket with are not noticing this at all, even when I point it out.) This blanket currently comes in four different styles and will quickly become something that you walk around your home with from seat to seat. It makes a great gift for a pregnant woman with itchy skin or a postpartum mom who needs some pampering.

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