Advice On Curfews for Teens

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Do set an appropriate blanket curfew. You can always add or restrict this time when they have something special to do or you need them to be home earlier.

Do not allow them to just walk out the door and say I'll see you at such and such a time. They still should tell you where they are going and call in if their plans change.

Do allow some lead way on special occasions such as proms.

Do not allow them to call 1/2 hour before they are to be in to ask if they can sleep over at a friends.

This is generally a red flag saying 'something is up'.

Do set a reasonable time for all involved. If you would like to get some sleep before midnight on a Friday evening, then set the time for 11 pm.

Do not get sucked into what 'everyone else is allowed to do'.

Consequence suggestions from our community:

'The consequences of noncompliance vary with the degree of violation. There is a 5 minute grace period. After 5 minutes she is late. 3 lates from Sunday to Saturday means she comes in at 8:30 Friday and Saturday night. 4 lates means in at 6:30 Friday and Saturday night. More than 15 minutes late at any time and she is automatically in at 6:30 Friday and Saturday night.' - MOTHERMAYI

'I think she likes knowing she can say "I have to be home" in order to stay out of trouble. She also has to call me whenever she changes locations or every 2 hours if she's walking around with her friends. She has gotten grounded for a week for not following these rules.' - SDORLAQUE

'If I missed my curfew for some frivolous reason (oh, I forgot the time! or we just got caught up in stuff! or the ever popular but Mom, my friends get to stay out later than that!) then one of two things happened. I was put on restriction (no dating, no phone calls) or, since my parents always knew exactly where I was, they'd come get me.

I'd rather have them beat me than come get me! How mortified I would be. (it never came to that either! LOL) So I did all this with my own kids... even the boys.' - Annie (FODO)

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