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Advocates Like Yourself Share Their Experiences with Advocacy Day

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Advocacy Day is a yearly event hosted and organized by Resolve: The National Infertility Association. It is an amazing opportunity for people – like you – to come to Washington, D.C. and speak to their congressional representatives about the importance and impact of supporting those with infertility.

Resolve provides training, schedules the appointments with the representatives, and researches which bills could have the most positive impact on those trying to build their family.

However, it’s up to the individuals attending to pay for the travel and lodging, show up, and tell their stories.

This can feel very intimidating. It’s natural to feel nervous about attending. But you should do it! And you CAN do it!

Here are words of inspiration and practical advice from those who have or will be attending Advocacy Day.

Why They Attended

“I am going to Advocacy Day for the first time this year and am very excited. After five years of on and off treatments, I felt like I wanted to do something positive -- not just for me but for everyone struggling with infertility.

“It's such a lonely and misunderstood disease. My hope is that by sharing my story with representatives, I will help them make a personal connection to our cause and become committed to making changes to ease the financial burden of fertility treatments and adoption.

“I may not ever have a baby but if my legacy is to help a bill get passed, I will feel like I have made a worthy contribution in this life.”

~ Jo Crawford

“I'm going to Advocacy Day because I believe that to make change happen we have to be willing to put ourselves out there. If no one is willing to ask, then how can we expect anyone to listen.”

~ Cindy Flynn

"One of the things I struggled most with when dealing with our infertility was the sense that I had completely lost control of my life.

Our treatment plan was dictated by what insurance was willing to cover. My schedule was completely controlled by monitoring appointments and nightly injections. I even had to miss my grandfather's funeral because it was the same weekend as our retrieval. But talking about our struggles, and advocating for infertile couples in Washington has made me feel like the whole thing isn't out of my hands.

"This will be my third Advocacy Day, and my hope is that the legislation we are fighting for will help other couples regain control in their lives in some small way." 

~ Jen Simon

“I went last year because I feel it is my responsibility."

~ Jennifer Morgan

“... I am flying to Washington, D.C. from Washington State to participate in Advocacy Day for the first time. When I saw a video from RESOLVE about this day on Capitol Hill, I was curious to know how many people were representing my state. Though there are now a few of us, on the day I called RESOLVE, there were none!

“I thought about all the people I know and have met who are often silently struggling to conceive or build their families. And I said to myself, 'Well I can talk! I will be their voice.' We all know that hearing a personal plea makes such a difference in people's hearts and minds, and I knew it was important to represent this community in person from my corner of the country.“

~ Annie Kay

“This November I will have the opportunity to compete for the title of Mrs. Kentucky with the platform of infertility awareness! My husband and I have been on our infertility journey for the past 5 years with recurring disappointment, originally competing in this pageant was a form of distraction for me but ended up helped me discover that I'm not alone in this journey and that infertility doesn't have to be a silent struggle.

“The Mrs. America system has helped me become more public about my own personal infertility journey and given me courage I never knew I could possess! I'm ready to stop being a complainer, start being a life changer and attend my first (of hopefully many) Advocacy Day!

“In the words of Michael Jackson, 'If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make that change.' For me 'that change' was stepping up and getting involved with RESOLVE. I'm counting down the days to May 14th and would absolutely love to see you there!

~ Amanda Bailey, Mrs. South Central Kentucky

Advice to Those Unsure or Nervous About Attending

"You may go into the day and even every meeting nervous, but you will leave feeling strong, brave and empowered. You will know that you took control of your own destiny and did something to help yourself that many people will never do and possibly never have the opportunity to do."

~ Cindy Flynn

"As a first-time attendee, I was incredibly nervous. Here I was, someone who knows little about the process, meeting with my Senator's staff. I admit, it's nerve wracking. I was worried I'd forget something, stumble over my words, or become emotional.

"Our politicians WANT to hear from their constituents, and it's not a quiz, and emotion is what brought us there. They're seeking to understand how their votes impact people.

"By the end of the first appointment, I felt empowered. My voice was heard, my plea made. It is hands down, the most amazing thing I've done as a volunteer for RESOLVE."

~ Brooke Kingston, AZ

"Anyone who can go should go! Your story is unlike anyone else's story and needs to be told!"

~ Jennifer Morgan

How Attending Advocacy Day Helped Them Personally

"Our friends understand [infertility] differently now that we've gone to Advocacy Day (AD). We've always been outspoken about IF (infertility) but going to Advocacy Day showed our friends that IF treatment is a big issue."

~ Jennifer Morgan

"Selfishly, lobbying on Capitol Hill is an item on my bucket list but I have never come across a cause that strikes such a personal chord as this one and ignited my activism. Participating in Advocacy Day is, for me, a way to be proactive, powerful, and hopeful during a process that often leaves people feeling defeated and hopeless. I am also excited to meet other people who have this activist heart for the infertility community and to make new friends."

~ Annie Kay

"Attending Advocacy Day gave me a voice. It made me more than just someone something was happening to. It made me feel like I am making a difference, if not for myself, but for someone else."

~ Cindy Flynn

Tips on Making the Day Happen, Practical Matters

“It's worth it! Set the money you need aside weekly, find roommates to save money, but make it happen. Somehow we always find the money for the things in life we think are important. You will never regret giving yourself a voice, but you may regret not taking the opportunity.”

~ Cindy Flynn

“Financially, I am splurging on this trip during a time when money is pretty tight. However, the financial burden is eased somewhat by using frequent flier miles and lodging in a 'mini-luxury hostel' for about $60 a night, which I found on Airbnb.”

~ Annie Kay

“Go for yourself and go for all the couples who can't physically go! If you question financing Advocacy Day remember that your travel to, from, and during, your food for Advocacy Day (7 meals for me), and your hotel (two nights for me) is a charitable expense and thus tax deductible.”

~ Jennifer Morgan

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