After School Snack Ideas and Recipes

Kids and teens often are very hungry after school as it has been some time since lunch and they have been working hard in their classes. A snack at this time is important for your teen to keep their hunger at bay and be ready for what their afternoon schedule may hold, like homework, a sport or a job. Below you will find tons of ideas and recipes for after school snacks.

Trail Mixes

Trail mix
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These trail mixes make for a great after school snacks because they are portable, crunchy and can be made to suit the tastes of your teen. You can even sneak some healthy tidbits in a mix and your teen will hardly notice. Teens really like when a snack - or a meal - is portable because it fits into their busy everyday lifestyle. After school for many teens, most of the time is filled with social hours, homework, sports, extra-curricular activities and part-time jobs. If they throw a baggie of trail mix in their backpack, they can eat it when their classes are done and go-go-go!

Cookies and Bars

After School Snack Rice Crispie Treats
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While cookies and bars are not the healthiest snack pick, they are a favorite among kids and teens. They are also portable like a trail mix, although some cookies may not make it through being in your teen's backpack all day. If the cookies don't turn into crumbs, your teen may eat them before their second-period class.

I have used these after school snacks to help with some 'good talks' with teens. Sometimes the way to open communication with your teenager is through their stomach and cookies have never failed me. Bake some then sit down with your teen to eat them and you'll find you are enjoying a conversation. Here is a list of fun cookies and bars your teen would love to eat after school today:

Fun Fruits and Veggie Snacks

Fruit Snacks for After School
Fruit snacks can be as simple as cutting up your teen's favorite fruit and displaying it in a fun way. This after school snack plate has Granny Smith apples, strawberries, sliced cheese sticks and whole wheat crackers. Photo by Forth Worth Squatch.

These are all about making healthy food fun for kids and teens so they want to eat them. The philosophy in our home is, while we enjoy anything fun, fruits and vegetables are good to eat because they taste good. If you have a picky eater, though, you may want to try one of these recipes to get them into the mood of eating something that is good for them.

Many teens skip breakfast, whiz through the school lunch eating fast foods like french fries or ice cream bars out of the vending machines and then come home from school needing something more than a sugary treat. If this sounds like your teen - or you just want to give your teen a healthy snack - try one of these recipes:

Pizzas, Nachos and Sandwiches

Mini Pizza After School Snacks
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Teens, especially teen boys, often need snacks that eat like meals. Growth spurts, sport practices, and games, and not eating enough lunch at school will make teens very hungry. At these times, parents find their teens shuffling through the kitchen ready to eat anything they can get their hands on - including a large full bag of potato chips. At these times, I have a few standby recipes that I use to make up a snack that is filling and they enjoy eating.

These after school snack ideas are excellent for your teen athletes. While the snacks look like they will ruin their dinner, I have never found that to be the case. But let me repeat, large snacks like these are for kids and teens who are very active, not those who are having problems with weight gain. Having a snack like these below on a regular basis when a teen is not active is not good for a teen diet and can lead to obesity. For these teens, try one for lunch instead. Otherwise, your teen son who is in the middle of football season or daughter who plays varsity basketball will love these ideas for their snack:

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