Aids to Help Your Child Stay in Bed

Tuck your child in for sweet dreams with these products

It's a hard reality, but a true one. If your preschooler isn't sleeping, guess who else isn't either? That's right, you! While a bedtime routine is really the best way to get your preschooler to go to in bed, there are still some stubborn little ones who just aren't interested in staying put under the covers. That's when you need outside help, or at least a little assistance. These toys, products and stuffed animals could offer your child just the incentive he needs to lie still and eventually fall asleep.

Brobo Night Light Buddy

Brobo Night Light Buddy
Brobo Night Light Buddy. Hog Wild

If your child's fear of the dark is what is keeping him from falling asleep every night, check out Brobo, a night light buddy from the future. The plush robot (available in five different characters and colors) features two modes: light and dim, both designed to help kids feel more comfortable in the dark of their bedroom. With a simple swipe, even the smallest preschoolers can turn Brobo on to "flashlight mode, and then one more swipe dims the light to "night-light" mode. Brobo automatically turns off after five minutes. Also helpful: a fun app that kids can play with during the day.

Kid'Sleep Sleep Aid Clock

Kid'Sleep Sleep Aid Clock
Kid'Sleep Sleep Aid Clock. Kid'Sleep/PriceGrabber
For a lot of kids, knowing when it is OK to get out of bed is an issue. The Sleep Aid Clock eliminates any guesswork with it's display -- one half shows a bunny in the daylight up, awake and having fun, the other shows the same bunny asleep in bed. You set the time so you can decide when it is appropriate for your little one to get out of bed. There is also a naptime setting and an alarm clock (a bird chirping and a rooster crowing). Also available in a pink cow.

HALO Big Kid Sleep Sack

Halo Big Kid Sleep Sack
Halo Big Kid Sleep Sack. Halo/PriceGrabber
If your child wakes up in the middle of the night, cold, because she kicked off the blankets once again, you might to consider the Big Kid Sleep Sack. Essentially a wearable blanket, it is made from warm fleece and features holes for feet and no sleeves so kids stay warm but don't overheat. Available in pink, red, purple or blue up to size 5T.

My Pillow Pets Glow Pet

Glow Pets Night Light - Dog
Glow Pets Night Light - Dog. Pillow Pets/PriceGrabber
If you have a preschooler who is afraid of the dark, not only do you want to provide some type of night light, but you want to make sure that the environment where they are sleeping is cozy and comfortable. Enter the Glow Pet (from the folks who brought us Pillow Pets), a soft and cuddly stuffed animal pillow that also lights up. The light is soft and gentle and stays lit (and cool) for about 20 minutes. Available in a variety of animals including unicorn, dog, seal, and penguin.

Badger Night-Night Sleep Balm

Badger Night Night Balm
Badger Night Night Balm. Badger/PriceGrabber
Lavender and chamomile have long been heralded for their relaxation properties. This Night-Night Balm from Badger features those essential oils as well as sandalwood in an all-natural mix designed to help your little one relax. Great for a before-bed message -- try rubbing on temples or wrists for maximum effectiveness. (And guess what? The balm works for grown-ups too!)

The Monster Eater Kit
The Monster Eater Kit. The Monster Eater

For many kids, trouble sleeping at night stems from those frightful creatures, the monsters under the bed. If you've got one (or more) in your house, check out The Monster Eater Kit, designed to get rid of any unwanted beasts. The kit includes a book, The Monster Eater's Battle Under the Bed, which tells the story of Sophia and her friend the monster eater, Einar. The kit also includes a stuffed Einar and a bottle of Monster Repellent Spray, perfect for keeping the bad guys at bay.


Sweet Slumber Sound Machine

Sweet Slumber Sound Machine
Sweet Slumber Sound Machine. Graco/PriceGrabber
Sometimes kids have trouble settling down because there is too much household noise, or for the opposite reason -- the house is too quiet. In either case, the Sweet Slumber Sound Machine should help. It will play either MP3s of your choosing or nature sounds and white noise to block out anything that might be disruptive to your preschooler. Includes a nightlight and timer.

Bring the night sky inside with the Cloud B Twilight Constellation Night Light. While a small nightlight is often a good way to ease the fears of little ones who are afraid of the dark, it usually only provides a strong light in one area of the room. The Constellation Night Light projects a starry sky onto the ceiling, giving off a gentle light everywhere. There are three colors to choose from and over a dozen different models. The light stays on for about 45 minutes, giving your little one plenty of time to fall asleep. A guide to the constellations is included.

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