AirDrives Stereo Earphones

Safety Earphones for Walkers and Runners

AirDrives. Courtesy of Amazon

AirDrives stereo earphones aim to solve the problem of earbud wearers drowning out all outside noise. Events sanctioned by USATF, which include many large marathons and half marathons, ban headphones. AirDrives sit outside the ear, so you can better hear what is going on around you. But they are lightweight like earbuds.

Pros of AirDrives

  • Sit outside the ear so you can hear ambient sounds.
  • Volume adjustment.
  • Can adjust position on ears.
  • Stay pretty secure on ears.

Cons of AirDrives

  • You can still drown everything out if you crank it up.
  • Doesn't use Bluetooth - you still have to deal with the cord.

Expert Review - AirDrives Stereo Earphones

Walk down any street or go into any gym and you will see many, if not most, people wearing earbuds or earphones and listening to iPods or talking on their cell phones. All of this audio distraction is seen by some as a safety risk. If you don't hear what is going on around you, you might step in front of a train or something. But a larger source of risk is that the volume of the music concentrated in your ear canal will damage your hearing.

AirDrives aim to reduce both of these kinds of risk. By sitting outside the ear, they allow you to hear what is going on around you and don't concentrate the volume inside the ear canal.

I personally don't use earbud earphones - they give me an earache.

AirDrives were comfortable for several hours. You can adjust the fit easily. I normally wear headphones and have more problem with traffic drowning out my music than the other way around. I think the move to ban earphones and headphones at races in the name of safety is ridiculous, when runners and walkers train year-long on the open road wearing them.

The AirDrives stayed on pretty securely during my walks, and were convenient to use in the office. My co-workers said they couldn't hear the podcast I was listening to when I was wearing the AirDrives.

I generally listen to podcasts and audiobooks, so I can't vouch for the sound quality of the AirDrives for music. Music sounded just fine to me through the AirDrives, but your mileage may vary. AirDrives have a volume adjustment slide so you don't have to get out your iPod or phone. That's a good advantage when you're walking in the rain, even more so if you have a large format smartphone that is hard to get into and out of your pocket.

Overall, the design worked well for me and I will use them as a more portable alternative to headphones. It's nice to be able to carry them in your pocket or purse to have handy when you want to listen to your audio device.

Sitting outside your ear, you can also use AirDrives with hearing aids. While you might want to remove your hearing aids when using them, you don't have to do so. My ears get far less sweaty when wearing AirDrives compared with headphones.

Where to Buy Airdrives

You can find Airdrives at online retailers. You can also find them at

Disclosure: A review sample was provided by the manufacturer.

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