Al-Anon Conference Approved Literature

Books and pamphlets available for purchase online and at meetings

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Al-Anon Has a Vast Library of Literature. © AFG

Of all the 12-step programs, Al-Anon Family Groups has probably the most extensive library of Conference Approved Literature, explaining how the program works and how it has helped friends and families of alcoholics.

Although the best way to learn about the Al-Anon program of recovery is by attending actual meetings, those meetings, even online meetings, are not available 24 hours a day.

But, Al-Anon vast library of books and pamphlets is available for members to read and study in between meetings.

Online Store Available

All of Al-Anon's literature is listed, described and available from its official website along with a great deal of other information about the 12-step program of recovery.

Al-Anon has a secure order form on its website where visitors can use credit cards and order literature online or can print out the form and mail it with a check or money order. Purchases can be shipped to the buyer, or directly to a gift recipient.

Vast Library of Literature

The two Al-Anon daily readers — Courage to Change and the classic One Day at a Time are available online along with many other books that have helped thousands of alcoholic families. Some of the other titles available include:

How Al-Anon Works
Shows how Al-Anon helps families and friends of alcoholics.

Having Had a Spiritual Awakening...
A volume of personal sharings and photography helps readers to focus their personal spiritual thoughts using Al-Anon principles.

Helps those affected by the family disease of alcoholism seeking peace and serenity.

The Dilemma of the Alcoholic Marriage
Can Al-Anon help your relationship? Explores the problems of alcoholism in marriage, and includes tips for applying the Twelve Steps to relationships.

From Survival to Recovery: Growing up in an Alcoholic Home
Al-Anon adult children tell their stories — with pathos and humor, with courage and rigorous honesty — revealing the pain, recovering the past, and renewing the hope for all of us.

Lois Remembers
Lois W., a co-founder of Al-Anon recalls the eventful years before and after the founding of AA and Al-Anon.

Paths to Recovery
Al-Anon's Steps, Traditions, and Concepts Shares love, compassion, and challenge; the experience, strength, and hope of Al-Anon members' personal growth experiences worldwide. Long awaited and asked for — at last, an in-depth study of Al-Anon's three legacies, the Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions, and Twelve Concepts.

Hope for Today
Daily sharings from Al-Anon's adult children members about compassion, acceptance, and understanding.

Paths to Recovery
In-depth study of each Al-Anon Step, Tradition, and Concept of Service, along with questions and answers.

Al-Anon's Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions
Essays, reflections, and members' stories about the program's twelve steps and twelve traditions.

Blueprint for Progress: 4th Step Inventory
Expanded version of the workbook for conducting an in-depth fourth-step, personal inventory, with sections on fear, anger, control, intimacy, sex, finances, and spirituality.

Discounted Used Books Available

Of course, the quickest way to obtain Al-Anon literature is at your nearest Al-Anon Family Group meeting. Most Al-Anon groups have a complete library of books and pamphlets available for their weekly meetings.

Books can be purchased at the meeting usually at the same price as Al-Anon online store, without the shipping costs of course.

For those on a budget, used Al-Anon conference approved literature is also available online.