The Effects of Alcohol On Men's Health

Alcohol related health problems

teenagers drinking alcohol
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A moderate amount of alcohol, for example, red wine, may actually promote health. However, around one in four men drink too much alcohol and as a result, every system in the body is at risk.
Alcohol can also be responsible for relationship breakdowns, accidents, poor performance, and crime.

Measuring units of alcohol
Alcohol is referred to in terms of units and for men, the recommended safe intake is around 3-4 units a day.

One unit is the equivalent of a regular glass of beer or lager, a glass of wine or a measure of spirit. A single can of strong beer is around 4 units of alcohol.

Other Alcohol Related Problems

Are you Alcohol Dependent?
Answer yes to two or more of these questions and you may well have an alcohol problem:

Have you ever felt concerned or guilty that you might be drinking too much?
Have you taken a drink in the morning to help you cope with the day or steady your nerves?
Have people ever commented on the amount you drink?

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