Alcohol and Divorce

Divorce Is Not The Only Option

Troubled Couple
Divorce May Not Be Your Only Option. © Getty Images

When alcoholism hits a marriage it can be devastating. The trust issues alone can seem almost unsurmountable. The denial, the lying, the covering up can destroy the closest relationship.

When an alcoholic swears he will "never do it again," but a few weeks, or days or even hours later, he's back out there again - and it happens over and over again - it can leave a partner lonely and frustrated.

Is your marriage in turmoil because of alcohol abuse?

Have you considered leaving your alcoholic spouse? Before you make a decision, you might want to read some of these articles:

Before You Decide to Get a Divorce
Before making the decision to take a big step like divorce, you may want to consider other options available. You have other choices.

Alcohol and Marital Violence
Couples who argue a lot during their first year of marriage are more likely to have violence erupt in later years if the husband is a heavy drinker.

A Family in Crisis: A True Story
This unfortunately is a true story about how many lives one alcoholic can affect, and how alcoholism can spiral into a full-fledged family disease.

A Family in Recovery
"This time we are recovering as a family. They understand better as do I that we need to recover together."

Choosing the Divorce Option
I filed for divorce and walked away from an alcoholic who volunteered he was not good marriage material.

I also walked away from years of emotional and psychological abuse.

Games Alcoholic Families Play (Part I)
You didn't cause it and you can't control it. But could you be contributing to the problem? You may be in ways that you don't realize.

Games Alcoholic Families Play (Part II)
If you find your self locked in to playing a role in the alcoholic's life maybe it's time to call "time out." Sometime just changing how you look at the situation can help.

Staying Married Takes Work
"Unfortunately in today's world of 'fix it quick' mentality, divorce is sometimes too quickly chosen."

The Risks of Staying
"There are alot more risks in staying with the alcoholic today than there were when the founders were around."

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