Allergies Causing Dark Under Eye Circles

Allergic Shiners

Allergic shiners are caused by nasal congestion.

Allergies Causing Dark Under Eye Circles

Dark circles under the eyes, when related to nasal allergies, are called allergic shiners. Allergic shiners are related to nasal congestion, which can occur for other reasons besides allergies, such as with the common cold or with sinus infections. These dark circles under the eyes are a major concern for many people, as it makes them look tired and "unhealthy".

When the nasal passages are congested, there is an increased amount of pressure in the nose. This pressure prevents the blood that supplies the superficial part of the face from draining back to the heart. This blood pools in the veins and capillaries underneath the eyes, causing a dark appearance, like a black eye. Some of the fluid from inside the veins can slowly seep into the tissue under the eyes, leading to puffiness of the tissue as well.

Any number of allergy medications that treat nasal congestion would be expected to help these symptoms.

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