Blend Up a Smoothie and Leave Your Food Allergies Behind

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Smoothies were once thought to be a fad, but today it seems they are here to stay. Whether it is at the gym, the local supermarket, a smoothie place or even your best friend's house, smoothies have become mainstream. While you can pick one up already made, it is just as easy and often more fun to blend one up at home.

Don’t be fooled into believing that every smoothie is packed with nutrients, as there are many loaded with calories and sugar.

 It is important to know what you are getting before you start drinking. If you are purchasing one be sure to know what is in it and perhaps review the nutrition label. For many people opting to blend their own and choosing what ingredients to combine provides assurance about the nutritional value of their smoothie.

With so many recipes out there, you can easily play chef in your own kitchen mastering the art of smoothie making. Even for those with food allergies, there are enough options to provide you with a smoothie that even you can easily indulge in. So get out your blender and head to the market for the perfect treat!

Making the Perfect Smoothie

  • For the perfect blend, be sure to add liquids first, followed by the rest of the ingredients 
  • Try to use unsweetened ingredients, especially if you are adding fruits, to save unwanted calories
  • Use real fruit over juices to maximize the fiber content of your smoothie
  • Opt for frozen fruit rather than relying on ice to keep your smoothie chilled and thick. When too much ice is added, the smoothie tends to become watery
  • Don’t be afraid to add vegetables to your smoothie to enhance the nutritional value of your smoothie. The fruits will offset any bitter taste that might arise from the vegetables when used alone
  • For a sweeter smoothie you can always add a touch of honey to avoid extra calories or additional fruit or processed sugar or artificial sweeteners 
  • When it comes to fats, try to incorporate healthy sources such as avocado, coconut oil or seed butters
  • To make the smoothie more flavorful try adding in spices and extracts
  • Try adding whey protein powder to the smoothie to give it more nutritional value and serve as a complete meal
  • Add seeds, such as flax and chia, to give the smoothie a nice, smooth consistency
  • Get kids involved in the smoothie making process, as they will enjoy trying something they blended up themselves. Keep in mind that for picky eaters the color and sweetness of the smoothie can make a difference in how well the kids will enjoy it.

Food Allergies and Smoothies 

For those with food allergies, don’t let smoothie making get you down. There are so many different options and recipes to make the perfect smoothie, no matter the food allergy. Blending a smoothie at home is the perfect way to enjoy a nutritious and delicious drink.

And think of the pride you feel in creating your own recipe for a drink that is packed with nutrition and keeps your allergies in check. 

Making the Perfect Smoothie For Those With Food Allergies:

  • Prior to using the blender be sure to clean it thoroughly to avoid any cross-contamination from previous uses.
  • If making multiple smoothies, be sure to make and serve the person with the food allergy first.  This way you can reduce the risk for the potential of a possible allergic reaction.
  • In the case of ​dairy allergies opt for dairy-free milk substitutes such as: almond, rice or soy milk.
  • In the case of nut allergies opt for alternatives to nut butters to be used as a fat source, such as sun butter or perhaps use avocados instead. Both will enhance the creamy texture desired in smoothies.
  • Don't be afraid to search for recipes to best meet the needs for someone with food allergies.  Take the time to experiment with different ingredients to make the perfect tasting smoothie.  Many people with food allergies often have difficulty in taking in a nutritionally balanced diet, so the use of a smoothie that combines fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and protein can provide a great source of nutrition packed into one drink.  

Just thinking about the great taste of a cold, frothy, nutritious smoothie can get anyone excited! So what are you waiting for, get out your blender and get started! Smoothies certainly make the perfect meal or snack any time of day!

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