Christmas Recipes for Multiple Food Allergies

A ham
A ham cooked for the holidays. Cultura RM/Diana Miller/Getty Images

While traditions differ from family to family and culture to culture, Christmas offers a lot of flexibility in main dish options (unlike, for instance, Thanksgiving). While this can be a boon when you're cooking for family members or guests with allergies, some other Christmas food traditions -- candy, chocolate, cookies, beverages, and the like -- can be a little more difficult to manage.

'Big 8' Allergens

Just as a reminder to those new to food allergies, the "big eight" food allergens are milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy and wheat.

Main Dishes

Poultry (especially geese, turkey, or ducks) and ham are probably the most traditional Christmas entrées. But other options are available -- roasted meats (like pork loin or roast beef) or vegetarian main dishes like stuffed vegetables.

Side Dishes

Here are links to vegetable and starch recipes to complete your Christmas dinner.

Hot mulled wine, eggnog, and cider are all traditional drinks of the season. Enjoy safer versions of some of these popular beverages.​

Christmas Breakfast

Many families have a tradition of eating a leisurely breakfast before or after opening presents on Christmas morning.

Try some of these breakfast recipes to make the morning special.

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