Acupuncture and Alexander Techniques for Alleviating Chronic Pain

Acupuncture and the Alexander technique are forms of alternative therapies and are proven to help those in chronic pain. A new study has determined that both of these therapies can help provide people with chronic neck pain long term relief. These two therapies both include informing patients in ways to reduce and alleviate stress and can help improve posture and balance. These therapies can be seen to reduce neck pain within 12 months of treatment compared to drug and physical therapy.

Researchers from the University of York state that it can be challenging to find long term solutions for chronic pain patients, but acupuncture and the Alexander technique have been proven to be quite helpful and can be incorporated in a patient's daily life. Patients also have the ability to learn from these treatments and can make the struggle of chronic pain much easier to deal with, making a difference through long periods of treatment.

Acupuncture is when a person has thin needle placed in specific areas in the body to reduce and ease pain. The Alexander techniques allows patients to learn how to prevent unnecessary tension whether it is physically or mentally, to help maintain balance. Some researchers stated it can help lessen pain from everyday activities like walking, lifting items, and even stiffness from sleeping. These methods don’t require drugs, but still provide long term treatment.

Both of these methods can be helpful for people with chronic neck pain and should be consider an alternative to drug therapy.

In the study they had more than 500 randomly selected patients from the United Kingdom who had chronic neck pain and provided them one of the three options of treatment. Those treatments include drug or regular physical therapy, acupuncture, and the Alexander technique.

Two of the groups where either given 20 Alexander lessons or 12 acupuncture sessions. Each of these groups were given 600 minutes of invention. Both the Alexander technique and the acupuncture groups were shown to have more pain relief than the traditional drug and physical therapy given to the other group. None of these treatments provided absolute relief of the patients pain, but did not provide any serious side effects either.

Unfortunately the Alexander techniques are not covered by health insurance companies and can range from 75 dollars to 130 dollars per session. It is only recommended for those patients who are not provided relief from drug and physical therapy treatments or those who may have drug related issues, but require some sort of relief. The Alexander technique has also been showing great results in helping people with stroke and heart attacks. Acupuncture on the other hand can be covered by some insurance companies. In some places like the University of California in San Diego, UCSD, can provide acupuncture sessions for about 125 dollars and some doctors even provide discounts for acupuncture. Researchers are still not completely sure how both of there therapies can help people with chronic pain, but they do know that it has been more successful than drug and physical therapy.

If you may be one of these people, ask your doctor before beginning these treatments as they may not be recommended or provide any relief to you. It is always important to ask your doctor before commencing something new, but it is also important to find some relief that helps you the most.

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