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American Horror Story Harmon Family
A picture of the Harmon family on an American Horror Story, an FX television show. © Robert Zuckerman / FX

'American Horror Story' is about the Harmon family, their inner struggles with events that have happened over the past year. The mother suffers personal demons from having a miscarriage the previous year, the father has had an affair and got caught and the teen daughter, Violet, is expressing her teen angst in a repressive and dark manner. They decided to start a new life by moving across country to a beautiful home they found on the internet.

The real estate agent shares with them why the home is priced so inexpensively, the previous owners were killed in it.

Weird people show up in the house, neighbors appear without invitation, the father has his psychiatric office in the home and patients hang around and a maid just shows up wanting to clean(almost a dream come true for me!). Strange happenings commence like a Sixth Sense openings of all the kitchen cabinets scene. Overall, the storyline is one that will be interesting to follow and teens whose generation lacks some really good old-fashioned scary horror stories (You all remember Jason and Mike Myers, right?) are going to eat this up.

What are the issues brought up in American Horror Story that I can use as talking points with my teenager?

  • Bullying and The School Bully. Bullying is a problem all over. Many children and teens have to deal with more than one school bully, and sometimes even friends can bully. Here you will find resources for teens who are being bullied and for those who bully.
  • High School Survival Guide. It was hard enough to survive as a teen, can you as a parent of a teen? Here are some resources that should help.
  • Self-Injury and Self-Harm. ​​No matter how you term a teenager's problem of 'cutting', whether it's Self-Injury, Self-Harm or Self-Abuse, it is a growing problem for parents of teens. Find help on these sites.
  • Talking to Teens About Tough Issues. This is the whole point, right? Well, that and some bonding time with your teen who is into this television show. The Secret Circle is bond to bring up issues that your family might find distasteful - all the reason to use it to talk to your teen.
  • Masturbation. ​Masturbation information and advice for parents of teenagers. Resources also include information on masturbation myths and mutual masturbation.
  • Teen Dating. The current secret circle has both boys and girls, one couple with a long term relationship, some who are just very flirty. It would be good to ​be armed with some teen dating information.
  • What to Look for in a Family Therapist. Family therapy is an option that is helpful to many families, particularly when your teens behavior negatively impacts other family members. In order to improve your chances for success in this type of therapy search for a therapist who's a good match to work with your family – here's how.

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