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Healthy aging
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Dr. Andrew Weil is one of the most outspoken proponents of combining traditional Western and alternative medicine under the concept of "integrative medicine." Dr. Weil is constantly challenging the current thinking and outdated practices in health and medicine. In his #1 best-selling book, Healthy Aging, Dr. Weil challenges the idea that old age has to be a time of decline and chronic illness.

Book Overview: Healthy Aging by Dr. Andrew Weil

In his book, Health Aging: A Lifelong Guide to Your Well-Being, Dr. Andrew Weill challenges current Western thinking on aging.

In a culture where aging is almost synonymous with chronic disease and illness, Dr. Weill provides a well-researched and sound guide to aging naturally and healthfully. Relying on years of research in biogerontology (the biology of aging) and on the keys to longevity - diet, active lifestyle, and attitude - Dr. Weill provides information and advice on a variety of important topics:

  • What it means to eat for health
  • Exercise and active lifestyle
  • Relaxation, breathing and stress management

Dr. Weil also takes the opportunity to shed light on the physicians and other professionals with profit in mind who are selling longevity products and programs, anti-aging medicine and herbal supplements, and other products that claim to extend life without the real science to back them up.

Expert Book Review: What Readers Will Get from Healthy Aging

In the beginning of the book, Dr. Weil explains the aging process and discusses the potential of so-called anti-aging medicine.

It is a great overview of the theories of aging. He concludes that the goal should be to increase the number of healthy years a person lives, not simply the total number of years. To do this, Dr. Weil explains, we all must adopt a healthy lifestyle.

In the second part of the book, Dr. Weil reviews various aspects of lifestyle and gives advice on how to obtain maximum health in each area.

Dr. Weil’s justifications and explanations are good, though some of the advice may be difficult or impractical to follow for the average reader. His presentation of an anti-inflammatory diet, for example, is more of a review of the principles behind the diet than a program for people to adopt. The book may not provide enough guidance for people new to this way of thinking to turn the information it provides into action on their own.

That said, overall this is an excellent book on healthy aging. Dr. Weil's advice is medically sound, the overview on aging is clear and understandable, and the tone is friendly and personal. It's a healthy aging book that is worth a spot on your bookshelf.

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