An Interview with the Founders of E.A.T.

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End Allergies Together (E.A.T.). Alistair Berg/Getty Images

As a mom who has a son with tree nut allergy and a nutrition professional who has cared for many children with food allergies, I am delighted to share a new organization with you.

E.A.T., the acronym for End Allergies Together, is a non-profit organization started by Kim Hall and Elise Bates, two moms with food allergic children who have first hand experience with navigating food allergies in a food-centric world.


At a time when food allergy research is gaining momentum, especially in the area of prevention and treatment, these two moms have taken the initiative to create an organization with the sole purpose of closing the funding gap in food allergy research. Take a moment to learn about them, their organization E.A.T., and consider making a small donation to their cause: #Just10BuckstoEAT.

What motivated each of you to start this non-profit organization?


My daughter Lindsay took a bite of scrambled eggs with cheese when she was 11 months old. That small bite caused an anaphylactic reaction which landed her in an ambulance and ultimately in the hospital. We found out later she was severely allergic to a trace amount of dairy, eggs, and nuts. For the past decade we have done everything possible to keep her safe in a world where her allergens are everywhere and eating is a part of our culture.


When our daughter was three months old, she broke out in eczema all over her body. The pediatrician told us she was likely on the “allergy march” to food allergies, pollen allergies, and asthma. At three years-old, a trace of egg sent her to the Emergency Room and at nine years-old, a trace of nuts in green beans resulted in another anaphylactic reaction and trip to the ER. 

We met at a local food allergy gathering and instantly bonded over the everyday fears and struggles we have with our kids’ food allergies.  We literally agreed that day that we would do what we could to help find a cure. 

Over a year later, we launched E.A.T. with the sole purpose of raising money to support researchers seeking a cure for food allergies.

What is the vision you have for this organization?

Severe food allergies are growing at a staggering rate with now 1 in 12 children diagnosed and 17 million Americans suffering. Annual food allergy research costs are an estimated $500 million, and with private and public funding in 2013 there was still an over $400 million research gap.

Our vision is to bridge the funding gap for food allergy research, and in doing so, help move allergy sufferers closer to a cure. We underwrite our overhead so that 100% of the net proceeds we raise, goes directly to research. And everyone’s contribution, big or small, is crucial. If we come together, collectively we can do something extraordinary.

What areas of food allergy research are of particular interest to you?

We are building a medical advisory board of scientists and physicians to evaluate the most promising research.

We are funding short-term treatments and longer-term solutions in such research areas as:

A. Food desensitization

B. Medical treatments

C. Basic science

Our medical board will be comprised of leaders in the field who are not seeking research funding for their own studies, so E.A.T.'s goal remains objective.

Who benefits from this foundation?

Our goal at E.A.T. is to represent everyone managing the daily fear, struggle, worry, work, and planning caused by living with severe food allergies.  As moms, we get it.  And, as business people, we want to channel that to make a real difference. We are hoping that one day children and adults living with food allergies will have new options for treatment and potentially a cure for this epidemic.  

What else would you like people to know?

We are solely focused on funding research. That’s it. We do not fund other food allergy related initiatives such as educational programming, educational publications, advocacy related efforts, operations for treatment/out patient centers, etc. While these are extremely important initiatives, we believe other organizations do them very, very well.  

Every dollar we raise connects the dots between people with food allergies: scientists, researchers, physicians, and a cure. So join us and help us! We can’t solve this problem without you! It’s time to End Allergies Together.

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