Anilingus/Analingus - Oral Anal Sex

What is Analingus or Anilingus?

Anilingus is the technical term for oral-anal sex, something which is more commonly referred to as rimming or "a rim job." Anilingus involves using the mouth and tongue to stimulate the anal area, and many people find it quite pleasurable. However, unless practiced safely, oral anal sex can be hazardous for the health of both people involved.

The person performing anilingus is not only at risk of contracting any rectal STDs that may be present.

They are also at risk of acquiring any gastrointestinal pathogens that are transmitted by the fecal-oral route -- such as hepatitis A and various parasites. One such parasite, for which the risk has been clearly documented, is Giardia.

The person receiving anilingus is primarily at risk of contracting diseases such as herpes, which can spread from skin to skin during oral-anal sex.

The risks of anilingus can be reduced by using a dental dam or another barrier to practice safer oral anal sex.

Also Known As: rimming, rim job

Alternate Spellings: Analingus.

The Spelling Controversy

There is an extensive debate on whether analingus or anilingus is the correct spelling of the "technical" word for oral-anal sex. Both terms have their adherents. Analingus appeals to many people because its meaning is quite clear, but dictionaries tend to only list anilingus as a proper spelling. Since the word is relatively new, either vowel choice is probably safe, and the spelling may be in the process of shifting from anilingus to analingus.

The derivation of the term is from the words anal and lingus - from the latin for "to lick".


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