Announcing Your Pregnancy During Holidays

How many will fit?

Thanksgiving Dinner
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When gathered around the table for dinner, speculate how many more people you can fit at the table for Thanksgiving. Then explain that next year you'll need more room. You can either choose to make the pregnancy announcement right then or pause for dramatic effect and wait to see what people say...

You can also adapt this to the creation of a children's table if you don't currently have one. Or you can talk about adding to the children's table or discuss a high chair at the table.

What I'm Thankful For...

Woman writing a card
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At dinner or your family gathering, pass out 3 X 5 cards and some pens for everyone to write something for which they are thankful. Pass around a bowl to collect all the cards, they are done anonymously. Your card will have the pregnancy announcement in it, something to the effect of: I am thankful for the new baby that will join our family next Thanksgiving (or due date). It might take a bit for every one to realize who wrote it, since they don't have names.

Dropping Baby Hints - Bun in the Oven

Bun in the oven
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Drop lots of pregnancy hints while cooking and spending time with family. For example, as you're taking the bread out of the oven remark about your bun in the oven. If you always fly somewhere for Thanksgiving, wonder out loud how old babies should be before flying. If you always host, remind people that next year someone else may want to host because you're going to be busy...with a new baby!

Leave the Evidence in the Open

Pregnancy test
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Since everyone will eventually have to go to the bathroom, it's the perfect spot to hide something! Leave your pregnancy test on the back of the bathroom toilet where anyone can see it. Wait for someone to say something about it. Surprise!

What's in a name (card)?

Thanksgiving table place cards
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Have place cards for everyone at the table, the ones that fold in half to make tents. Have each name card filled with a favorite quote and as you go around and read them, one will have the pregnancy announcement. You can strategically place it to ensure someone you want to read it gets it. You can have it say something like:

  • Robin & Kevin are going to have a baby in the spring!
  • You're going to be a grandma! (Obviously make sure grandma gets this one!)
  • "A baby is God's opinion that life should go on..." Carl Sandburg

Seeing is Believing

Couple Holding Ultrasound Photo
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Leave your ultrasound up on the refrigerator for everyone to see when they come into the kitchen. Wait for someone to bring it up. Then spring the good news. An alternative is to add the ultrasound photo to a frame and place it with the family photos.

Decorating for Baby

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  • Decorate the pumpkin pie with baby shower picks like baby rattles, sleeping babies, etc. This can work for any dessert you serve. While not a traditional decoration, it certainly gets the point across.
  • Stick your positive pregnancy test in the cornucopia. See if anyone notices it during dinner.

Pass the Sugar, Please

Baby bottle with Sugar
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Have condiments served in baby bottles on the table. Simply fill up small baby bottles with sugar, salt, or pepper, cut extra holes in the nipple. Wait for someone to ask why you're serving with baby bottles. If people seem to be ignoring them, you can loudly ask someone to pass the baby bottle of salt... When they do, you can make your pregnancy announcement.

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