Ideas for Pregnancy Announcements

When the Stork Calls

Pregnant woman holding pink and blue balloon
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When my husband and I found out we were having a baby we went and bought two huge stuffed storks and tied pink & blue balloons to the storks and left them on our parents front door step and rang the doorbell. We hid beside the house and video taped their reaction. We have two precious moments to remember this by and two very different reactions.

Web Viewing

Pregnant woman holding an ultrasound photo
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My husband created a website and sent an email out to everyone with the news. We included pictures of ultrasounds and a program he wrote to tell people the news.

Our families loved it!

Tammy Matier

A Flower for Mother's Day

Flower bouquet
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My husband and I found out we were expecting our first child a week before Mothers day. I knew I had to tell my mother in a very special way. I went to the flower shop and purchased a pink and blue carnation and a mothers day card. In the card I wrote a short message from the baby that said "Dear Mamaw, I hope you have a wonderful Mothers day, See you in January. Love Anna or Caleb Harris". I then took the carnations and card to my moms office and had one of her friends give it too her. I didn't stick around because I had to get to work but when I got to work I had a message to call my mom. My sister who works with me (its a family owned business and my dad runs it) said, "Mom called and insisted I put her right through to dad or else"! Needless to say my mom was pretty surprised but loved the flowers and will always have the card as a reminder of how she found out about her grandchild.

Angel Harris
Charlotte, NC

Older First Time Mom Tells Grandpa for Father's Day

Baby Blocks
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Well, it's Father's Day. A big day for me this year. I have the pleasure of spending the day with my husband, a newly expecting Dad - his first Father's Day, and my Dad. My Mom already knows about my pregnancy. It was just confirmed last week. My Mom is a bit superstitious and did not tell my Dad feeling that we might want to wait until the end of my first trimester - but there is no way that I can keep the secret that long! I'm 38 years old, and a first time Mom, I want to scream my news to the WORLD! Today, we will be visiting my Mom and Dad for Father's Day Lunch, and I plan on giving my Dad a Grandpa's Father's Day card from the baby to let him know that the baby will be here for Father's Day next year!

I'll think he'll be thrilled, I'm an only girl of 4 children. I'll update you on how things go! Have a great Father's Day everyone!

Annual Check Up Surprise

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I found out about my pregnancy at my annual check up at the doctor. My husband, nor myself thought we were pregnant, even though we had been trying for 5 months. We had gotten so excited earlier, thinking we were pregnant. So, we thought it would be best to just relax and God would have it happen when the time was right. Well, the nurse sure gave me a surprise. I was so excited, my hands wouldn't stop shaking!! After the doctor appointment, I stopped at a florist and bought 9 white roses for my husband. That night, when he got home from work, I had the flowers in a vase with the positive pregnancy test beside it. I handed him the card first, which asked him to guess what the nine roses meant. He was stumped for a about 10 seconds and then his face lit up with excitement. We were both so happy that we had been blessed!!

Baby Name Book Idea

Newborn with Santa Hat for Christmas
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The week before Christmas we found out that we were expecting our second & last baby. We decided to wait until Christmas Day to share our secret. We were standing in line at the grocery store when I came up with the perfect way to let everyone know. I spotted a pocket size book of baby names & added it to our order. I took it home & stuffed it into the middle of my mother's stocking. On Christmas morning everyone gathered at Mom's to decorate the tree & house. We also exchanged gifts & shared breakfast . I made everyone watch Mom checking her stocking without telling them why. Dave (my hubby) had the camcorder rolling to catch the reactions. Mom seemed to take forever to find that book. I thought I would bust. she finally pulled out the book & said "oooo I got a book of baby names." Then all of a sudden she was saying "oh my G*d,oh my G*d " over & over. My sister just looked at me disbelievingly & said "No,no, no. Are you having another one? You're crazy." All I could do was nod & laugh & cry. It was wonderful & I can't wait to show it to our son when he's older. Maybe my sister was right. Maybe I am a little crazy since our daughter will only be 15 months when our son is born. Anyway I thought it was a wonderful way to share the news.


January Calendar Surprise

Pregnancy Due Date Calendar
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I found out at the beginning of January that I was a couple weeks pregnant. So, I purchased a calendar for both our mothers, and marked down all the important dates. When we gave each of them the calendar we simply said that we picked it up since neither got one for Christmas. Then we watched their jaws drop as they started flipping through!

I'm the big sister!

I'm the big sister!
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I found out I'm pregnant just a few days ago, but of course I couldn't contain my excitement & had to tell everyone right away. We already have a daughter who's almost 3, and I am the older sister in my family as well. I had decided well before I got pregnant that I would tell my mother in this way: When my younger sister was born, someone had given me a T-shirt that said "I'm the BIG SISTER". What I did was to ask my mother (who saved most of our baby clothes) if she thought the shirt would fit my daughter. She thought it probably would, and I said, "Well, if not we'll just have to get her a new one!" It took a minute for her to process what I was trying to tell her, but when it clicked she was so happy she about had a fit! Julia (our daughter) will be a big sister around Thanksgiving.

A Poem for Number Two

Plastic Baby
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This was our second baby and we wanted a creative way of telling our parents. So we waited until I was at the beginning of my 2nd trimester which coincided with my mother-in-law's birthday and picked that day to tell the grandparents. We sent my mother-in-law a bunch of flowers with a card which read: "Happy birthday Mom, sorry your gift hasn't arrived yet, we were told it would take about 9 months" We also sent a bunch of flowers to my Mom with a poem which read: "Our little Xandi was quite sad, where was her brother or sister. Mom had a plan carried out by Dad, which started when he kissed her. Now number 2 is on the way, three cheers for us, hip, hip hooray! To my dad we posted a new born nappy with a little rhyme which read: "Roses are red, Violets are blue, We are expecting, Baby number two!" It was quite a surprise for them all as our first little girl is only 7 months. There will be 13 months between them if all goes according to plan.



Baby Blocks
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My mother-in-law loves daisies!! So we went and got her a 3 dozen daisies, wrapped them up in green paper and tied a pink/blue ribbon around them. The card read "Congrats, you're a Mimi again". Before she opened the card my 5yr old daughter gave her the flowers and said "Mimi sit down, I have something to tell you, I'm going to be a big sister because my mommy is pregnant"! I think it touched her the most with my daughter telling her!!!

Sadler Mandi

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