Annoying Hepatitis Doctors to Avoid

Doctors for hepatitis patients
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The largest organ in the body is the liver. It is the organ that helps in digesting food, storing energy and removing poisons or toxic substances present in the body. However, all these functions can be affected once it becomes at risk for hepatitis, which is why having the right hepatitis doctor is essential. The condition can range from mild to severe, and there are instances when it can lead to scarring or develop into liver cancer.

As an individual, you want to avoid these effects from happening. Hence, the first action you will take is to go to a hepatitis doctor. This medical professional can help in preventing the disease from evolving into a more serious case.

Unfortunately, there are certain types of doctors you would wish to avoid even with how much they can help you. Now, you may be wondering why you would wish to evade them if they can help you with your disease. That’s because of certain characteristics they have as hepatitis doctors, which you’ll learn about below.

The Hepatitis Doctors You Might Want to Avoid

Have you ever watched medical dramas on TV? Doctors’ attributes observed on the big screen can also be true in real life or to medical professionals. However, not all those are nice attributes. At some point, you will meet different hepatitis doctors that have unlikable attributes such as those outlined below.

The “Mr. Know-It-All”

What makes certain doctors unlikeable are the arrogant, patronizing and condescending attributes they are known for. Some doctors might think they are smarter just because of the MD they have after their name. Perhaps that’s why physicians are ironically sometimes referred to as the last person to graduate in medical school?

It often takes more than just academics to become successful in the clinical world.

Apart from the occasional conceit and their patronizing or condescending attributes, the supposed “know-it-all” doctors also expect your utmost allegiance and devotion. Patients need to act politely, hang on to every word they utter, or merely just sit there quietly. Otherwise, that doctor will get testy at once. Since they are under the assumption that they know everything, they don’t see the need to at least open a book, which can be the case starting from the moment they graduated. So, look out for this type of hepatitis physician.

One-Trick Doctors

One-trick doctors are simple to describe. They are those who only use one specific treatment and prescribe it to all their patients, irrespective of their diagnosis or symptoms felt. For instance, you might always be offered the strong form (prescription version) of Robitussin cough syrup no matter if you have a migraine, sore ankle or a cold. It can be tragic for patients who are dealing with this type of hepatitis doctors.

At most, the symptoms are not really addressed well, leaving patients still suffering from the disease. 

Vitamin Fanatics

It’s true that there is nothing wrong with supplements and vitamins if they’re not conflicting with your present medical condition. In truth, these are effective and useful to your healthcare regimen. What makes it unacceptable is when you see endless racks of it in your doctor’s office being sold at high prices with you being required to purchase them. As a medical professional, vitamin-peddling doctors see high-priced supplements as the solution to all. Hence, if you’re prescribed to take supplements with vitamin D or iron, you look for these at local health food stores where you can save a lot from the high mark-up. However, some doctors may deliver you that “speech” in which you can only be taken as their patient if you take their vitamin supplements that are known to assist with liver health. If you happen upon this, it only means it’s time to find another care provider.

Hustler Doctors

It is rare to see “hustler” hepatitis doctors. However, when you see one, it is suggested that you to avoid him since, at some point, you will realize that they are better as a sales agent than as a healthcare professional.  As a medical professional, they always make the effort to offer so many freebies, including “free consultation” and “free informational eBook” on their sites which promise plenty of things like success cures, results, and drug-free treatments.

Lazy Doctors

Have you ever entered a doctor’s office when the care provider didn’t even bother to take a look at your file? The lazy hepatitis physicians are those doctors who cannot seem to remember anything related to appointments or what you say. There is always a pile of journals that are unread on their table or in their office. They usually do not run any tests to check your condition. The lazy hepatitis expert simply declares the most unrelated diagnosis to your symptoms such as “you are just stressed.” For them, practicing their art is too much work. They prefer gaining knowledge or information from drug representative lunch presentations. If this is the doctor you are facing now, perhaps it’s better to free up more of your time and find another! You won’t have your cure from them!

Hepatitis is not just a simple disease you can ignore. Be aware of the hepatitis doctors you consult. When you notice those attributes, as a hepatitis sufferer, you might be better off just leaving and finding another.


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