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These are the answers to the Conception Sex Quiz. Didn't take it yet? Take the quiz, and then come back to this page to review the correct answers.

If you want to get pregnant, the best time to have sex is… the two days before you ovulate.

Which of the following lubricants are great for conception sex? None of the listed lubricants in the question, which included Astroglide, KY Jelly, and Replens.

PreSeed is... a sperm-friendly lubricant.

Which of the following is the best indicator of whether or not sex leads to conception... the fertile quality of cervical mucus.

What positions can you use to get pregnant? Any position that gets semen close to the cervix.

Lying on your back after sex... Might help you get pregnant.

How often should you ideally have sex if you want to get pregnant? At least three or four times a week, all month long.

Which of the following may improve sex when trying to conceive?

Any of the listed suggestions, which included spicing sex up and trying to have more fun, talking about how you're feeling, and using fertility-friendly lubricants.

Is female orgasm essential for conception sex? Orgasm may help, but you don't have to have it.

    Having passionate sex... May boost your chances for pregnancy success.

    • How Is Conception Sex Different Than Just-for-Fun Sex?

    Those experiencing infertility are more likely... to experience trouble with arousal and orgasm, to experience erectile dysfunction (for men), to feel less attractive or "sexy."

    Infertility is commonly caused by sexual dysfunction. False! While infertility may cause sexual dysfunction (defined as having trouble with libido, arousal, or orgasm during sex), sexual dysfunction is rarely the cause of infertility.

    "Doing it wrong," not having enough fun during sex, or trying too hard can lead to infertility. False!

    Research has found that infertility negatively affects couple's sex lives and relationships. What did researchers find 10 years after infertility treatment? Things were better for couples.

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